Top 10 Moto-Skiveez Alternatives You Can Try

Moto-Skiveez are a unique type of motorcycle pants designed to protect riders in the event of a crash while remaining comfortable for everyday wear. Their abrasion-resistant material and armor provide excellent protection, but their steep price tag places them out of reach for many riders.

Fortunately, there are a number of alternatives on the market that offer similar levels of protection at more affordable prices. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best Moto-Skiveez alternatives available.

When considering alternatives, you’ll want to evaluate three key factors – protection, comfort, and price. The ideal pants will protect you well in a slide without restricting your movement or breaking the bank.

With the right pair, you can ride confidently knowing you have good armor coverage and abrasion resistance. To help you find the best option for your needs and budget, we’ll break down the pros and cons of several popular Moto-Skiveez competitors.

Alternatives To Moto-Skiveez

Here is a list of those equivalents:

  1. Draggin Jeans
  2. Bull-It SR6 Jeans
  3. Rokker Urban Jeans
  4. Hook Jeans Armored Riding Jeans
  5. Klim K Fifty 2 Jeans
  6. Rev’It! Lombard 2 Jeans
  7. Olympia Avalon Jeans
  8. Saint Unbreakable Jeans
  9. Furygan D3O Jeans
  10. Hitena Heavy Duty Armored Jeans

Let’s talk about them in detail.

Draggin Jeans

One of the most popular alternatives is Draggin Jeans. These kevlar-lined, armored riding jeans provide ample protection at a more accessible price point.


Draggin Jeans
  • Multiple layers of kevlar lining for good abrasion resistance
  • CE-approved armor at hips and knees
  • Relaxed fit for comfort on and off the bike
  • Straight leg and bootcut options available
  • Offered in men’s and women’s cuts
  • More affordable than Moto-Skiveez


  • Sizing can run small
  • Limited color/wash options
  • Not as stretchy or flexible as Moto-Skiveez
  • Armor may need adjusting for proper placement
  • Don’t include coccyx protection

Overall, Draggin Jeans represent an excellent mid-range option between budget jeans and premium riding pants.

While not as flexible or full-featured as Moto-Skiveez, their combination of protection, comfort, and price make them a great choice for riders looking for a solid pair of kevlar jeans.

Bull-It SR6 Jeans

For those seeking a bit more protection, Bull-It SR6 jeans are a great alternative with some standout safety features.


  • Made with 100% cotton denim for abrasion resistance
  • Lined with Covec TPU material for impact absorption
  • CE-approved armor at hips, knees, coccyx
  • Relaxed straight fit for comfort
  • Offered in both men’s and women’s sizes
  • More affordable than Moto-Skiveez


  • Limited color selection (blue or black)
  • Sizing can run large
  • No front pockets for storage
  • Not as flexible or breathable as textile pants
  • Only available in straight leg cut

Bull-It jeans provide full body protection with their coccyx armor and impact absorbing liner. While not as versatile in fit or featured as Moto-Skiveez, their safety-focused design makes them one of the most protective jeans available without breaking the bank.

Rokker Urban Jeans

For riders looking for a stylish, slim-cut pair of riding jeans, Rokker Urban jeans are a great choice.


Rokker Urban Jeans
  • Slim, tapered fit with stretch for comfort
  • 100% cotton denim exterior
  • Abrasion resistant aramid fiber lining
  • CE-approved knee armor included
  • Offered in both men’s and women’s sizes/cuts
  • More affordable than Moto-Skiveez


  • Limited color selection
  • No included hip or coccyx armor
  • Sizing can run small, especially in length
  • Tapered leg can be tight over boots
  • Not as protective as other options

With their close-fitting stretch denim and slick styling, Rokker Urban jeans provide a great blend of comfort, looks, and protection.

While they don’t offer full body armor like some competitors, their abrasion resistant material and knee protection allow you to ride in confidence without breaking the bank. If you want riding jeans that look like everyday fashion jeans, these are a great pick.

Hook Jeans Armored Riding Jeans

For those seeking top-tier protection at an affordable price point, Hook jeans provide extensive coverage with SAS-TEC armor.


  • Multiple denim washes to choose from
  • SAS-TEC CE-level 2 armor at hips, knees, coccyx
  • Abrasion resistant aramid fiber lining
  • Relaxed and slim straight fits available
  • High stretch content for comfort
  • Offered in men’s and women’s sizes
  • Very affordable compared to similar premium pants


  • Sizing can be inconsistent, especially after washing
  • Limited women’s washes/options
  • Not as stylish or flattering as other options
  • Can feel bulky due to extensive armor
  • Slim fit style is less tapered than similar cuts

With their included coccyx protection and extensive armoring, Hook jeans provide safety on par with much pricier riding pants.

While their styling and fit may not be for everyone, their stellar protection makes them one of the best values available for those prioritizing safety.

Klim K Fifty 2 Jeans

If you’re willing to invest more for premium protection and performance, Klim K Fifty 2 jeans offer an excellent alternative to Moto-Skiveez.


Klim K Fifty 2 Jeans
  • 500D Cordura exterior for maximum abrasion resistance
  • Full Dyneema fiber reinforcement
  • CE level 2 armor at hips, knees, coccyx
  • Athletic relaxed fit for comfort
  • Stretch panels and gusseted crotch for flexibility
  • Highly water resistant
  • Offered in men’s and women’s sizes


  • Very expensive
  • Limited color options
  • Long break-in period to soften material
  • Sizing can run small
  • Lower rise not ideal for all body types

K Fifty 2 jeans deliver protection on par with dedicated textile riding pants with the look and comfort of stylish everyday jeans.

While their premium price tag is substantial, their construction quality, safety, and performance is hard to beat.

If budget is no concern and you want protection equivalent to Moto-Skiveez, the K Fifty 2 jeans are an excellent choice.

Rev’It! Lombard 2 Jeans

Rev’It takes a high tech approach with their Lombard 2 riding jeans featuring a Hybrid Construction mix of fabrics for optimized performance.


  • Hybrid mix of polyester, cotton, Cordura
  • Seesoft CE level 2 knee and hip armor
  • Highly abrasion resistant
  • Athletic relaxed fit for comfort
  • Stretch panel gusset construction
  • Offered in two men’s fits and one women’s
  • Very weather resistant coating


  • Expensive
  • Limited sizing and color options
  • Don’t include coccyx armor
  • Tight leg may not fit over some boots
  • Unconventional styling not for everyone

While not inexpensive, the Lombard 2 jeans deliver premium protection and all-weather performance thanks to their hybrid construction and weatherproof finish. If high-tech features and maximum abrasion resistance are your priority, these versatile riding jeans are a strong Moto-Skiveez alternative.

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Olympia Avalon Jeans

Olympia’s Avalon jeans take a safety-focused approach with extensive armor protection at a reasonable price.


  • SAS-TEC CE approved knee, hip and coccyx armor
  • Cordura denim construction
  • Kevlar lining in key impact zones
  • Relaxed straight fit
  • Offered in men’s and women’s sizes
  • Very affordable compared to similar premium pants


  • Not as stylish or flattering as fashion jeans
  • Very limited color selection
  • Sizing can run large
  • Stretch panels limit abrasion coverage
  • Can feel bulky with extensive armor

While not as refined in their styling or fit as pricier options, Avalon jeans deliver extensive protection at an accessible price. If you want peace of mind from comprehensive armor without breaking the bank, these straightforward riding jeans get the job done.

Saint Unbreakable Jeans

Saint’s Unbreakable jeans live up to their name with extensive safety features engineered for the street rider.


Saint Unbreakable Jeans
  • Abrasion resistant denim exterior
  • 100% kevlar lining
  • SAS-TEC CE level 2 armor at hips, knees, coccyx
  • Athletic relaxed fit for comfort
  • Straight and slim straight options
  • Offered in men’s and women’s sizes
  • Reasonably priced for the protection level


  • Limited color selection
  • Not as stylish or fashionable as other options
  • Sizing can run small
  • Limited stretch for mobility
  • Coccyx armor sits low

While Unbreakable jeans aren’t the most stylish option, their robust construction and ample armor provide peace of mind for daily street rides. If you want comprehensive protection you can count on ride after ride, these affordable jeans deliver excellent value.

Furygan D3O Jeans

Furygan leverages D3O armor for maximum impact protection in their riding jeans.


  • D3O CE level 2 knee and hip armor
  • Abrasion resistant denim construction
  • Athletic slim fit with stretch panels
  • Offered in both men’s and women’s sizes
  • More affordable than top tier riding jeans


  • Limited color selection
  • Don’t include coccyx protection
  • Sizing can run small
  • Tapered leg can be tight over boots
  • Not as protective as some options overall

While Furygan D3O jeans prioritize impact protection with their advanced armor, they lack some coverage offered by other brands. But for riders wanting D3O’s excellent impact absorbing qualities, these jeans provide good mobility and comfort at an accessible price point.

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Hitena Heavy Duty Armored Jeans

Hitena takes an old school approach focused on durability and protection.


  • Made from 100% 16oz cotton denim
  • Abrasion resistant aramid fiber lining
  • SAS-TEC CE approved knee and hip armor
  • Classic straight leg fit
  • Triple stitched seams for durability
  • Included belt for fit adjustment
  • Very affordable for included protection


  • Very heavy and rigid
  • No stretch panels for mobility
  • Don’t include coccyx armor
  • Limited women’s sizing options
  • Only available in original blue wash
  • Unconventional old school styling

Hitena jeans sacrifice comfort and flexibility for maximum durability and abrasion resistance. While heavy and rigid, their qualities make them one of the most affordable yet protective options available.

If you want a tough pair of old school riding jeans that can withstand years of abuse, Hitena delivers ample bang for your buck.

Closing Remarks

When choosing the right Moto-Skiveez alternative, it’s important to weigh factors like protection, comfort, style, and budget to find the best option for your needs.

While no two pairs of riding jeans are identical, brands like Draggin, Bull-It, and Klim offer excellent combinations of safety, performance, and value.

Don’t sacrifice quality to save money, but also know you have options that provide great protection at accessible prices. With the right pair, you can hit the road knowing you’ve got abrasion resistance and armor where you need it most.

Ride safe!

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