Dometic Vs. Iceco Portable Freezer: Which One To Pick?

A portable Freezer can be pretty handy for a short camping trip or your vehicle. If you are looking for a quality choice, you must go through this debate of Dometic vs. Iceco portable Freezer.

A considerable difference between the Freezers is the cost. Ice is more cost-effective than a portable refrigerator than Dometic.

Alongside the pricing, you will find other differences like the available sizes, features, quality, performance, etc. To better understand that, I will compare the two refrigerators in-depth.

So, stick till the end to find out which refrigerator to get for your needs.

A Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsDometic FreezerIceco Freezer
Smallest size21quarts12.8quarts
Most suitable forRVBoats, cars
Specialty Offers smart featuresComes with uniqueness
PricingVery expensiveMost affordable

Key Differences Between Dometic And Iceco Portable Freezer

  • Smallest Available Size
Dometic Portable Refrigerator

Since we are discussing portable refrigerators, the smallest size is always the better pick.

Many different sizes are available in various other models between the two brands.

You can choose the refrigerator based on the size.

Dometic is undoubtedly not the one you would choose for portability in the sizing factor.

Dometic comes out with a lot of different models with good size variety.

Their most miniature refrigerator is 21 quarts. Now, you have to see whether this size is suitable for your vehicle and purpose or not.

On the other hand, ice excels at making small refrigerators that boast portability. The smallest available refrigerator you get from Iceco is 12.8 quarts.

You can see that Iceco is much smaller than Dometic in its most minor refrigerator factor.

Altogether, if you need a refrigerator smaller than 21 quarts, then you don’t have any other option than Iceco. But if a size higher than 21 quarts works out for you, you must move on to the other factors to decide on the refrigerator.

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  • Most Suitable For

A great thing about these two portable refrigerators is that you can decide on the fridge based on purpose. Where you want to use them and what’s your sense of using them will have an impact on the decision.

If you have an RV, then Dometic portable refrigerator is the best option. They have a larger size, and your RV has the power to run a Dometic refrigerator without any trouble at all.

They aren’t that good for boats or your car because they can be challenging to carry and move around.

In comparison, Iceco is all about carrying them in your car or your boat. You can power the refrigerator with a power bank which you can carry along with you. They are perfect for camping and water activities.

I think you get the idea here. If you need a refrigerator for camping that requires low power, Iceco is the better pick. But if you have an RV, back up the fridge with the ability. Dometic is the way to go.

  • Specialty
Iceco Portable Refrigerator

Every brand out there offers a unique value and feature.

The two refrigerators have particular values that make them different from each other. It can also help you decide on a brand.

Starting with Dometic, while they specialize in quality, they also specialize in providing smart features.

A lot of their refrigerators have Wi-fi connectivity and Bluetooth controls.

Simply put, you can control the refrigerators using your phone and an app.

On the contrary, Iceco focuses extensively on uniqueness and technological advancement. They try to provide as much value as possible in their refrigerators while keeping the refrigerators small.

The decision here is easy; Dometic is the way to go if you want smart features. But if you like innovative and unique values, then Iceco is the pick for you.

  • Pricing

Here’s the factor that determines the decision for many people between these two. Since portable refrigerators aren’t cheap, money is always a factor.

Right off the bat, Dometic is very much expensive. I mean, why wouldn’t it be, right?

The performance, power, and quality are worth the price. It’s a pretty high-end choice when it comes to portable refrigerators.

In comparison, Iceco is the complete opposite. It’s one of the most affordable options for portable refrigerators out there. It doesn’t have as much power as Dometic or other refrigerators.

But it gets the job done, and the sizing is perfect from the portability point of view.

If you want the best quality and need a lot of power, also don’t mind spending money, then go with Dometic. But if it’s just about getting a portable refrigerator for your particular purpose, then go with Iceco, as it fulfills the purpose.

Which Portable Refrigerator Is Better For You?

Keeping it short and straightforward, if portability, budget, and uniqueness are your concern, Iceco is your answer. And if you don’t mind spending money on quality and better performance, then Dometic is the way to go. Here is a walkthrough of it for you.

These are the easiest ways to decide an option between the two. If these don’t work out for you, then you might go through the purpose of buying a portable refrigerator.

For example, if you have an RV, then Dometic is your best pick. But for cars or boats, only Iceco is the possible solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Dometic the best?

Dometic is undoubtedly one of the best portable refrigerator brands out there.

Is Iceco a Chinese company?

Yes, Iceco is a Chinese company.

Is Iceco a US company?

No, Iceco is a Chinese company that makes portable refrigerators and sells them in the US.

Is Dometic made in China?

Yes, Dometic refrigerators are made in China


The discussion summary concerns the pricing factor compared with Dometic or Iceco portable refrigerators. But if pricing is not something you are worried about, you can check out the detailed comparison to see where each of them excels.

In my opinion, Iceco is a better option for most people out there. The reason for that is the portability factor. It’s a true portable refrigerator because of the small sizes they provide.

While doing that, Iceco can provide decent quality. Sure, it’s not the best performance, but it is enough for camping and water activities.

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