Climashield Vs. Down For Better Insulation: Which One To Pick?

For countryside hikers or people living in extremely cold weather, having fully warm, highly insulated, and weather-resistive jackets or other stuff is highly important.

But sometimes, you may get confused to decide between Climashield or Apex and Down or Goose insulators as which one is best to choose.

Down is usually better than Apex or Climashield because of its extra warmth, easy packing, lightweight, and other quality features. But Climashield is undoubtedly better in those humid/wet conditions.

A Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsClimashield/ApexDown Or Goose
Sourced From Or Made FromArtificialNatural Insulator
DurabilityShorter Life SpanLonger Life Span if used with care and protection
Water ResistanceBetter In Wet or humid conditionsDoesn’t perform well in wet or humid conditions
Packing, Carrying, Or CompressibilityDifficult to compress and takes more spaceEasy to compress and carry on your hiking trials
WeightHeavyweight than DownLess weight than Apex
CleaningEasier to cleanDifficult to clean
PricingLess costlyA little costly

Key Differences Between The Climashield And Down Insulators

  • Sourced or Made From
Climashield Jacket
Climashield Jacket

One of the most prominent differences between these insulators is their sourcing.

They are sourced from completely different locations from each other.

Apex or Climashield is a pure quality artificial insulation that brings everything with itself being one of the best insulations available on the market.

It can be an example of a thick fabric piece that can be shaped into another product after cutting.

On the other hand, Down is not manufactured. It is a natural insulator that can easily be found or originates from ducks or geese.

Such insulator lies under these birds or animals’ feathers which help these creatures stay warm in extreme cold weather conditions.

  • Durability

Compared to Apex or Climashield insulator, the Down gives you a better lifespan on useability if you use it with proper care and protection. In the care and maintenance of the down insulator, you can wash it when it gets oily, store it by making it uncompressed, and dry the insulator properly before packing it in a bag.

But when it comes to the Climashield insulator, it gives you a shorter life span as it is not as durable as Down is.

When you use it heavily, and there is no proper laundering, the insulator will start losing its ability to get trapped in warmth.

Therefore, you have to be sure about the durability of any of these insulators.

  • Water Resistance

Since Down has many benefits, it might not stand out well in wet, damp, or highly humid conditions because Down can absorb water faster than Apex and takes more time to get dried.

But when using Apex is concerned, you can find it standing best in wet or high humidity conditions.

  • Packing, Carrying, Or Compressibility
Down Jacket

One of the biggest advantages of having down over the Climashield is that it compresses easily and better than the latter.

Such a fact states that it will eventually take up less space in your sleeping bag or hiking backpack.

As a result, you can have a shorter-size pack with you while on the most adventurous journeys.

However, the Climashield takes up relatively more space in your backpack, and you might need a bag of a larger size for this.

  • Weight

Making products with either of these insulators ensures the lowest weight utility is always worth it.

Because when you are on these trials or in a state of emergency, you may not be able to carry more weight with you.

Consider having jackets or other stuff made with Down because it is lightweight, easy to carry, and portable.

But Climashield is more with weight and can be a little heavy to be with you in your backpack.

  • Cleaning

When cleaning both insulators is concerned, Apex or Climashield is easier to clean. Because you don’t get involved with the clogged pieces of synthetic like Down, cleaning is done within a few minutes.

But you must be strict with Down and work more to clean it properly.

  • Pricing

Since Climashield is a manufactured insulator used in jackets, pillows, sofas, and other products, it is less expensive. You can spend less money and have a good-quality Apex insulated jacket.

But at the same time, the Down is a bit expensive compared to Apex because it is a natural insulator.

I am natural means a comprehensive process of refining it and bringing it into a usable shape.

Which Insulator Is Better For You?

There is no doubt that both insulators are best in their very own ways. But the final decision of a person like you or me depends on which one provides us with more features and benefits.

So, suppose your while concern is getting more features and benefits, and you don’t care about the price. In that case, you can have clothes or other products with Down Insulator.

But if you think the price is concerned, and you live in an area with high humidity and continuous rain, you should invest in Apex or Climashield Insulator.

However, the final decision will always be yours.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Warm Is Climashield Apex?

Like other synthetic insulators, Climashield Apex performs excellently in those wet or highly humid conditions. It can provide better warmness as a piece of 2.5 oz Apex can stand better at a temperature of 50°F/10°C.

How Long Does Climashield Last?

A good quality Climashield insulator can last up to 60 to 90 days. After this period, you may find a noticeable loss in the loft.

What Is Climashield Apex Insulation?

Climashield Apex is considered one of the highest performing and quality insulations used for quilts, garments, or sleeping bags. It is an artificial continuous filament fabric that is less costly than down insulation.

What Type Of Down Does Enlightened Equipment Use?

Down, including the Grey Duck Down (GDD) for that 850fp down and the Grey Goose Down (GGD) for that 950fp down, are used by the Enlightened Equipment.

Final Thoughts

I just hope that the comparison between Climashild and Down helps you at least a little. Both of them are worth it because both are highly used insulators in the market.

Those garment or sleeping bag makers choose Down or Apex to make your desired products that keep you warm, dry, and on the go in extremely cold areas and weather.

So, I hope that you’ve found some of the best reasonable differences between these insulators. Let me know if there is something more in your mind regarding this debate. Have a nice day!

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