American Landmaster Vs. Polaris Ranger UTV (2024)

Powersports, farm work, or just recreation- you need the right UTV to enjoy the experience. American Landmaster and Polaris are the two most popular brands for UTVs.

American Landmaster is less spacious, has less load capacity, and is good for rough terrains. Polaris is more spacious, has better load capacity, and is good for smoother terrain.

Both American Landmaster and Polaris are popular brands and have high-quality vehicles. But if you had to choose one, which one should you pick?

Here is a comparison to help you decide.

A Quick Summary of The Comparison

FeatureAmerican LandmasterPolaris
BuildLess spacious, mesh or mesh and cloth doorsMore spacious, default mesh and cloth clicking door, the regular door on Northstar models
Load CapacityGoodBetter
Performance and durabilityLess smooth, good for high-intensity jobs and rough terrainSmoother, good for farm work, and smoother terrain

Key Differences Between American Landmaster And Polaris UTV

With the amount of models and different specs both brands have, doing a head-on comparison isn’t very practical. Both brands are amazing and have their own pros to offer. So it is better to focus on more general criteria for this part.

The biggest differences between American Landmaster and Polaris are their build, load capacity, performance, durability, and price.

Let’s see how these differences unfold for both brands.

  • Build
American Landmaster UTV
American Landmaster UTV

UTVs have a tough build in general, but even then there are some differences.

American Landmaster UTVs are less spacious and most doors are mesh variants.

Polaris UTVs are more spacious and have different variants for doors.

American Landmaster UTVs were made for high-pressure and high-intensity environments.

They might look small, but they can get some tough jobs done.

The vehicles sacrifice a bit of legroom so the interior is less spacious compared to Polaris UTVs. But don’t let that fool you.

The interesting part of American Landmaster UTVs is the “door” section. Because of safety reasons, UTVs are supposed to use something to cover the door area.

Most covers in American Landmaster UTVs are some kind of fine mesh. Sometimes it is paired with non-mesh clothing but it is clothes for the most part.

Polaris UTVs are one step ahead of American Landmaster regarding space, at least most models are. The UTVs prioritize legroom and the cabs are spacious compared to other brands.

As for the door part, Polaris uses a mesh and cloth combo for protection that you have to click in like a seatbelt. The Northstar models have full-blown doors on that part.

  • Load Capacity

Both brands are really good for heavy jobs, but Polaris cuts slightly forward. American Landmaster has good load capacity, but Polaris UTVs have better numbers going on.

Other than the earlier (or basic) models, Polaris takes the crown for better load capacity.

Polaris Ranger UTV
Polaris Ranger UTV

The load capacity on American Landmaster is amazing.

Bed capacity for American Landmaster UTVs ranges from 400-800 lbs depending on the models.

And for tows, the capacity ranges from 1100-1750lbs.

In total, you can expect around 2750 lbs. But that’s only if get the L7 Pro – 4WD 2023 model.

For the rest of their UTV lineup, the total capacity is somewhere between 1500-2500lbs depending on the model.

Polaris knows what they’re doing when it comes to loading capacity. The earlier models like Ranger 570 and Ranger SP 570 have 1500 lbs towing capacity.

The bed capacity isn’t explicitly stated but it is on the higher side. The entry-level 1000 model and XP 1000 model has a 2500 lbs towing capacity. They also have a box capacity of 1000 lbs.

The XP Kinetic model has a 2500 lbs towing capacity and a 1250 lbs box capacity. You can practically move mountains with them.

So if you’re looking for something that can pull some weight, you know which one to go for.

  • Performance and Durability

As said before, American Landmaster is made for rougher terrain. It isn’t the smoothest, but it will take you through some of the roughest terrains.

Polaris UTVs are more for smoother terrains. Good thing is, the engagement and overall drive experience is much smoother with them.

If you’re living in an area where the terrain changes rapidly or you ride a lot of high slopes, American Landmaster UTVs are a good choice.

Another good thing is that these UTVs are pretty good in higher speed ranges, unlike Polaris ones.

Polaris is the definition of a perfect work truck. If you’re inclined to use your UTV for most farm work or live in a place where the terrain is pretty uniform, Polaris is a good choice.

The engagement is really smooth with the entry-level 1000 and XP 1000 models.

The older models are slightly less smooth, but they’re still better than American Landmaster. You won’t feel a thing when you’re speeding up.

The only problem is, the UTVs aren’t exactly good for high-speed jobs.

Which One Should You Go For?

That depends on your use case. As you know, UTVs are very case-specific vehicles. S

o the best vehicle for you will depend on what kind of work you’ll be doing and on what terrain.

American Landmaster
American Landmaster

If you live in a place with rough terrain or plan on doing high-speed work, then go for American Landmaster.

They’re amazing on rough terrains and high-speed scenarios. And they’re more affordable too which is a bonus.

If you want something with good load capacity and live in a more uniform terrain, Polaris is the better choice.

Their UTVs have higher load capacity, smoother engagement, and more accessory points and they’re a charm to drive.

Unless you’re doing high-speed work like Powersports or similar things, Polaris UTVs are very hard to beat.

Overall, Polaris UTVs are the better choice here. But if you’re in rough terrain, do more high-speed work, or just want something more affordable then American Landmaster is pretty good too.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What engine does American Landmaster use?

American Landmaster engines are mostly sourced from Briggs and Stratton engines and Kohler engines.

How long has American Landmaster been in business?

American Landmaster has been around since 1959.

Who owns American Landmaster?

American Landmaster is currently owned by American Sportwork with Jeff Bannister being the current CEO of Landmaster.

Where are Landmaster UTVs made?

Landmaster UTVs are made in Indiana, USA.

Final Verdict

As intense as the American Landmaster and Polaris Ranger debate is, the winner depends on personal preference and use cases. Both are amazing, but Polaris is the better option objectively.

And if you’re looking for high-intensity options, American Landmaster is a solid place to look at.

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