Duralast Alternator Review 2024: Is It Worth It?

The powertrain is the whole structure that pushes your car, and an alternator is a critical component of that puzzle. After the battery, it’s the most important part of the whole electric system.

It’s needless to say how important a good alternator is, and one such good alternator is the Duralast alternator I have been using for two years. Below, I have shared my experience using it through some key features. So let’s have a look.

Features of Duralast Alternator

People often seem confused about getting a remanufactured alternator and its performance. I want to assure you that Duralast offers new and remanufactured options and some notable features you should know about.

  • Excellent Performance
Duralast Alternator
Duralast Alternator

As I said earlier, an alternator is a key component that helps power the vehicle.

From my experience, I can guarantee that the Duralast alternator does the job flawlessly. Duralast has two variants of its alternator, the base variant, and the gold variant.

The main difference between both variants is that the base variant is remanufactured while the gold one is made of completely new parts.

While the gold alternator has all the new parts, the base variant’s only wear components are new.

But the headline is that Duralast claims these alternators will match or exceed OE performance. After using their base alternator, I can vouch for their claim as it offered better amperage output than the OE.

  • Best Remanufacturing Quality

I have been a fan of the Duralast alternator for the last two years, and the remanufactured thing got to me at the beginning. However, you shouldn’t worry about that because even the remanufacture base alternators are engineered with innovative designs, so the flaws in the original equipment can be corrected.

Duralast has ensured remanufacturing quality by using only Tier-1 and OE manufacturers. So, even the wear components are changed, they are changed with 100% new parts and bearings to increase durability and longevity.

If you can’t get the gold alternator, even the base variant can serve your need well.

  • Well-Maintained Rotors

Rotors are important parts of an alternator. Paired with the stator’s iron plates, the motors generate the AC to power up the vehicle. So, high-quality and functional rotors are a must to make sure alternators perform optimally.

Thanks to Duralast, they have tried their best to properly clean, test, and coat the winding of the rotors to protect the insulation. This kind of care and attention to detail makes Duralast alternators truly invincible on the market.

Remember the OE-like performance I was talking about earlier? Of course, the credit goes to these high-quality rotors too.

  • Maximum Output

The alternator is the main part of your car’s electric system.

But have you ever wondered what the main part of the alternator is?

Well, a stator is a ring-shaped part where electric energy is generated to supply the load for the car’s electric system.

Now, like any other parts, Duralast has maintained strict quality to ensure the remanufacturing quality.

The stators in the Duralast alternator are thoroughly cleaned, extensively tested, and finally coated to match the electrical need of your car.

  • High-Quality New Brushes

In case you don’t know. The brushes work as a breeze between the alternator and the component in the car that needs power. These brushes spin with the rotor to make this transfer of power happen.

Though Duralast alternators are brushed, it makes sure the brushes are designed and manufactured well for optimum performance.

Duralast promised all new wear parts, so they delivered with completely new brushes inside their alternators. These alternators are moreover lead-free, which brings an increase in the alternator performance.

  • Tested Quality

Duralast has always been famous for maintaining strict quality, and that trend continues with its remanufactured base alternators. It’s obvious that, like most people, I had my fair share of doubts about remanufactured products.

However, Duralast triple-test every alternator component electronically to ensure it can perform up to its potential. In addition, the quality control doesn’t stop at the component, as the assembly and finishing level is also checked extensively so that you can purchase and use Duralast alternators with full confidence.

  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty

As you have seen throughout the discussion, Duralast has tried its best to ensure that people have confidence in their remanufactured alternators. Their final attempt to gain this confidence is the free replacement warranty on both the base variant and gold variant of alternators.

Given the nature of the base variant, it’s truly impressive and reassuring to see a lifetime replacement warranty. Availing of this warranty is pretty simple, too, as all you have to do is go to the nearest Autozone center, and you’ll get a replacement

  • Polished Slip Rings

Remember the high-quality brushes I talked about earlier?

The slip rings, which you may also know as collector ring, allows the current to pass through while the brushes ride these rings. Of course, for the brushes to work perfectly, slip rings must be polished perfectly.

So, like any other aspect alternator, Duralast ensured the slip rings were polished with maximum precision to make maximum contact with the brushes. As a result, the alternator provides consistent performance despite the riding condition.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What is the warranty on a Duralast alternator?

A limited lifetime warranty covers the Duralast alternator. Before you get confused, this lifetime warty applies to both the base and gold versions.
So, whether your alternator is remanufactured or new, Duralast will stand by your side no matter what happens. If you bought one from Autozone, take it there, and you’ll get a new one immediately.

What is a Duralast gold alternator?

After the review, you might be wondering about the Duralast gold alternator. The gold alternator is upgraded, and you can say a non-refurbished version of the base alternator from Duralast.
Different parts like rotors, brush, and slip rings are polished and reassembled on the base variant. But on the gold variant, every single part is entirely new and potentially exceeds the OE performance and fit.

Are AutoZone alternators rebuilt?

The confusion between rebuilding and remanufacturing often gets in the way of making a purchase decision. As for AutoZone, their alternators are not rebuilt but remanufactured. Remanufactured means built with new or extensively inspected used parts.

Can I trust a remanufactured alternator?

As I said earlier, a remanufactured alternator is the closest thing you can find o a new one. While rebuilt ones are rarely recommended, remanufactured alternators are pretty reliable and known for their performance. But a new alternator is the best option if you have the budget.

Final Thought

That’s a wrap for today. I hope my review on Duralast alternator was helpful enough to gain insight into the Duralast alternator.

Initially, I was optimistic about getting one, considering whether it could match the OE performance. However, after two years of use, I can confidently vouch for the performance as all the parts, like the brush, bearing, or rotors, are high quality.

So, if you are looking for a good replacement for your original alternator, Duralast can be a worthy investment.

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