Why Is OptiContacts So Cheap? – A Deeper Insights

OptiContacts has become a go-to for buying contacts online. Their prices consistently beat other major retailers.

But how do they offer such discounted pricing on contact lenses?

This in-depth look will break down the main factors that allow OptiContacts to sell contacts for less.

Reasons For OptiContacts Being So Cheap

Here is a list of those reasons:

  • They Focus on Generic Brands
  • Direct-to-Consumer Operations
  • Minimalist Packaging
  • Highly Efficient Fulfillment
  • Lean Support Infrastructure
  • Targeted Digital Marketing
  • Massive Order Volumes
  • Preventative Customer Service

Let’s talk about those reasons in detail.

  • They Focus on Generic Brands

A major way OptiContacts saves money is by carrying generic contact lens brands. Rather than premium designer brands like Acuvue or Dailies, OptiContacts focuses on more affordable generic options.

These generics are made to match the exact specifications of big name brands. They use equivalent materials and manufacturing standards. But without the recognizable brand name, they avoid a huge markup.

Generic contacts undergo the same clinical testing and FDA approval process as the brand equivalents. The only difference is the name and packaging. You still get a quality product that meets your vision needs. Just without paying extra for branding and marketing costs.

This focus on generics is a cornerstone of the discount strategy at OptiContacts. By avoiding heavily marketed big brands, they offer prices up to 50% less than competitors. If you’re okay with generic labels, you can save a ton of money.

  • Direct-to-Consumer Operations

OptiContacts uses a direct-to-consumer approach that cuts out all middlemen and retail markups. There’s no wholesale distributors, optician offices, or physical stores involved.

Orders ship directly from the vision lab to the customer. This lean operation has no expensive overhead like rent, staff, equipment costs, licensing fees, or local advertising. OptiContacts passes the savings from this efficient system to buyers.

Cutting out intermediaries also lets OptiContacts buy wholesale direct from manufacturers at reduced prices. Combined with automated order processing, this keeps their operating costs extremely low.

They then discount heavily compared to retailers with physical stores and optometrist offices.

  • Minimalist Packaging

Ever notice how products at eye clinics and Costco come in sleek branded boxes with glossy printing? OptiContacts takes a simpler approach.

Their contact lens packaging is straightforward plastic trays, neatly sealed but without fancy boxes or branding. This saves a lot on design and production costs for the packaging. OptiContacts can buy bulk tray-packaged contacts for much less.

While less flashy, the simple sealed trays get the job done. And they help slash OptiContacts’ costs to acquire inventory, savings they extend to customers. If you just want cheap contacts that work well, basic packaging shouldn’t bother you.

  • Highly Efficient Fulfillment
Glasses From OptiContacts

Processing and shipping orders takes considerable time and labor. That’s why fulfillment costs can really drag on profit margins.

OptiContacts optimizes their fulfillment with extensive automation and streamlining. Orders are processed rapidly with barcode scanners and inventory management software. Robots assist with packaging to enable swift order assembly.

This automation lets them quickly pack and ship orders with minimal hands-on labor. Advanced logistics optimization ensures low-cost delivery with major carriers. Customers get speedy delivery, and OptiContacts keeps fulfillment costs in check.

  • Lean Support Infrastructure

Maintaining a large customer support team and infrastructure is hugely expensive. OptiContacts minimizes this by conducting support primarily online.

They offer customer service through email, live chat, FAQs, and online contact forms. This allows reps to handle 3-4 customers at once rather than phone support. Automated bots can also address common questions at minimal operating cost.

Though lacking phone support, their digital-first service options work very well. Hold times and delays are slashed while providing personalized assistance. Keeping customer support needs online is a smart way OptiContacts reduces expenses.

  • Targeted Digital Marketing

Unlike major brands that spend tens of millions on TV ads and celebrity sponsorships, OptiContacts uses lean and targeted digital marketing.

Their focus is on cost-efficient tactics like SEO, social media, and online partnerships. Niche paid ads help acquire converting customers affordably. Referral programs incentivize existing buyers to spread the word.

This digital strategy provides strong ROI while costing far less than conventional advertising. It allows OptiContacts to gain new customers at a low price point and funnel savings into discounts.

  • Massive Order Volumes

By selling contacts in huge volumes, OptiContacts benefits from economies of scale. Their giant customer base lets them order inventory in serious bulk from manufacturers. This results in deep bulk pricing and discounts.

Fulfilling hundreds of thousands of orders annually also optimizes their fixed costs like warehouse rent and software systems. The more contacts sold, the lower their per unit overhead.

Large order volumes give OptiContacts strong negotiating leverage as well. Companies want their business, so they offer special discounted pricing. These savings get passed on through reduced retail prices.

  • Preventative Customer Service

OptiContacts strives to provide excellent customer support and service. But they’re also cost-conscious, unlike some contact retailers. Their focus is on preventative service measures versus reactive solutions.

Usage guides and sizing tools help customers avoid issues in the first place. Account monitoring spots problems early before customers are impacted. Automated reminders about renewal dates dramatically reduce missed deliveries.

This proactive approach minimizes problems and expensive reactive service. When issues do arise, they have robust self-help resources to address concerns efficiently.

This prevention-first strategy reduces total service costs. And those savings allow OptiContacts to discount their products even further.

In A Nutshell

The rock-bottom pricing from OptiContacts stems from smart optimization across their entire business:

  • Generic contact lens focus
  • Direct-to-consumer model
  • Basic packaging
  • Highly efficient fulfillment
  • Lean support infrastructure
  • Targeted digital marketing
  • Massive order volumes
  • Preventative customer service

By keeping costs down in these critical areas, OptiContacts offers the cheapest prices on contacts while still delivering premium products. If you’re looking for serious savings on lenses, OptiContacts is the top choice online for discount pricing.

Just be prepared for basic packaging and lean support – small sacrifices compared to the hundreds in savings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are answers to some common questions about the cheap contact pricing from OptiContacts:

Is OptiContacts a legitimate company?

Yes, OptiContacts is a 100% legitimate retailer operating legally since 2008. They sell authentic products sourced directly from manufacturers. OptiContacts has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and over 1.5 million satisfied customers. Their prices are low thanks to their discounted direct-to-consumer business model.

Why does OptiContacts charge a processing fee?

The processing fee covers order costs like payment processing, fulfillment labor, and packaging. It replaces the fitting and service fees you’d pay at an eye clinic. For most buyers, the processing fee plus dramatically discounted lens costs still provide major overall savings compared to other retailers.

Does OptiContacts sell counterfeit contacts?

No, OptiContacts only sells FDA-approved brands directly from the source manufacturers. They stand behind their products with guarantees and safe buying protections. Some customers initially doubt their authenticity given the prices. But in reality, the savings come from their efficient direct-to-consumer model, not fake products. You can buy from OptiContacts with full confidence.

How long does shipping take?

OptiContacts offers standard 3-5 day delivery for most orders placed before noon EST. Expedited 1-2 day shipping is available for an extra fee. Check your estimated delivery date during checkout or contact support for a precise time based on inventory and address. OptiContacts also provides tracking so you can follow your shipment’s progress.

Why are their prices so low?

OptiContacts offers the cheapest prices by controlling costs across their operations from sourcing to support. This includes direct-to-consumer distribution, basic packaging, process automation, targeted marketing, and preventative customer service. Their entire model optimizes for efficiency and low expenses. They then pass 100% of those major savings to customers through reduced prices.

Wrapping Up

We hope this comprehensive guide explains how OptiContacts can offer such affordable contact lens pricing. They’ve perfected an efficient direct-to-consumer model that cuts costs while still delivering premium vision products.

If you’re looking to save on contacts, OptiContacts is the best option online for discounted prices without compromising quality.

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