Boss Laser Vs. Trotec Laser (2024): In-depth Differences

Are you looking for a reliable laser machine?

Choosing a good quality laser machine is tricky since there are bottomless options. Here, we come with a comparison session on Boss laser vs. Trotec to help you choose the best option.

Boss Lasers come with a Hybrid Servo motor, whereas Trotec Lasers have a dynamic motor with a voice coil mechanism. Boss Lasers are available in 20 to 2000 wattage power. In contrast, Trotec Lasers have a power range from 20 to 400 wattage.

A Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsBoss LaserTrotec Laser
MotorHybrid Servo motorsDynamic motors
Laser TypesCO2 and Fiber laserCO2, Flexx, and Fiber laser
Laser Power20 to 2000 watts20 to 400 watts
Working area355 mm to 2489.2 mm190 mm to 3210 mm
SeriesLS, HP, FM, and FCSpeedy, SP, SpeedMarker, R, and U
Warranty2 years1 year
PriceMid-range to higherMid-range to higher

Key Differences Between Boss Laser And Trotec

  • Motor
Boss Laser

Boss lasers come with a Hybrid Servo motor that offers increased and constant torque. This will reduce the operation cost.

It also has de-energized windings and better speed.

In contrast, Trotec lasers have a dynamic motor with a voice coil mechanism. It is less prone to failure and consumes minimal energy.

Plus, you can effortlessly control it.

  • Laser Types

Boss lasers are available in two options. Their CO2 lasers can show a reliable performance for metalworking applications as well as sheet metal and thin tubing.

On the contrary, Trotec lasers are available in three types. Their innovative Flexx laser is a combination of CO2 and fiber to cut various types of materials precisely.

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  • Laser Power

Boss lasers offer various lasers with different power. Their low-watt machines are perfect for engraving, and higher ones are great for high-speed applications,

Contrastingly, lasers from Trotec are available in very small to mid-range wattage. You can use them to cut plywood, fabric, hardboard, acrylic, rubber, glass, leather, plastic, etc.

  • Working Area

You can use Boss lasers to cut items with a width and length between 355 mm and 2489.2 mm. It depends on the model and series you choose.

On the other hand, Trotec lasers can handle 190 mm to 3210 mm items in terms of their width length. They are sophisticated to use for any commercial purposes.

  • Series
Trotec Laser
Trotec Laser

Boss lasers are available in four series. Their LS series has many beginner-friendly options to cut and engrave.

You can use their FM series for fiber laser metal marking.

In contrast, Trotec offers five series. Their SP series is ideal for large format laser cutting and SpeedMarker for automated laser marking.

The R series is pretty affordable too.

  • Warranty

Trotec provides a 1-year warranty for their laser machines. They will change the parts if it becomes defective within this warranty period if they have not violated their terms and condition.

On the flip side, Boss lasers offer 2 years warranty, making it more convenient. But their laser tube covers only one year, and Focal lenses have 30 day of warranty.

  • Price

Since laser machines are a long-term investment, you want to get the best bang. Boss lasers are available from $4500 to $25000. This depends on the model and series.

In opposition, the price of Trotec lasers can be as high as $26000 or more. But they also offer many budget-friendly options, especially their R-Series and U-Series.

Which Laser Brand Should You Choose?

Before choosing a particular laser machine, you must first determine what types of things you will cut or mark. If you want to cut only regular items like cardboard, wood, plywood, plastic, glass, and leather, Trotec lasers appear a better choice.

But when you want to cut or mark different materials, stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, titanium, galvanized plates, and copper, Boss lasers can show a more reliable performance than other machines. Their high-end models are a little pricey, but they can satisfy your working demand.

Here is a closer look at it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which is the best laser engraving machine?

Twotrees, Boss Laser, Trotec, TEN-High, ORTUR, Glowforge, and OMTech manufacture some best laser engraving machines on the market.

Are Boss lasers good?

Boss lasers are perfect for faster engraving in no time. They offer some budget-friendly units with compromising performance and speed.

How long does a Trotec laser last?

A Trotec laser can last around 10 years on average. With proper maintenance, it may continue to perform for a lifetime.

How much does a Trotec cost?

The average price of a Trotec laser can be $11000. But they have some high-end machines that can cost around more than $26000.

Bottom Lines

Whenever it comes to choosing a reliable laser machine, you can’t overlook its engraving accuracy, materials compatibility, and material’s optical properties. Boss lasers appear a better choice if you want thicker items that need more wattage.

On the other hand, Trotec lasers are a better choice for cutting and marking larger and tougher items. They can show reliable performance. Hopefully, you got a clear overview of Boss laser and Trotec to make a better purchasing decision.

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