Why Is CarParts.com So Cheap? – A Closer Look!

When it comes to buying car parts online, CarParts.com is one of the most popular and affordable options. But how does CarParts.com manage to offer such low prices compared to other retailers?

There are several key factors that allow CarParts.com to provide cheap auto parts to DIYers and professional mechanics alike.

Reasons For CarParts.com Being So Cheap

Here is a list of those reasons:

  • Huge Selection Allows Economies of Scale
  • Focus on Rebuilt and Aftermarket Parts
  • Direct-to-Consumer Online Sales
  • Usage of Third-Party Sellers
  • Focus on Recycled Parts
  • Special Discounts and Promos
  • Large Inventory Allows Price Matching
  • Low Overhead From High Warehouse Turnover
  • Parts Recommendations Guide DIY Repairs
  • Excellent Return and Warranty Policies

Let’s talk about these reasons in detail.

  • Huge Selection Allows Economies of Scale

One of the main reasons CarParts.com can offer lower prices is that they sell a massive selection of over 50 million car parts and accessories. This huge inventory covers parts for most makes and models of cars, trucks, SUVs, and other vehicles on the road today.

With such a vast selection of parts, CarParts.com can buy them in bulk quantities directly from manufacturers and distributors. This allows them to get wholesale pricing and production cost savings from the manufacturers.

Buying high volumes of parts allows economies of scale that smaller retailers can’t match. The savings get passed on to customers in the form of lower retail markups.

  • Focus on Rebuilt and Aftermarket Parts

In addition to OEM parts from automakers, CarParts.com sells a lot of rebuilt, remanufactured, and aftermarket parts. These are often made by the same OEM suppliers but cost less than factory original parts.

For example, a remanufactured alternator or brake caliper works just as well as a new OEM part but is priced much lower. Aftermarket parts are reverse engineered to match OEM specs at a discount too. CarParts.com’s focus on these value parts reduces costs for many common repairs.

  • Direct-to-Consumer Online Sales

As an online retailer, CarParts.com doesn’t have the overhead expenses of maintaining a chain of brick-and-mortar stores. By selling directly to customers on their website, they skip the costs of in-store retail markups.

CarParts.com also offers free shipping on most orders over $50. This makes it cheaper than driving to your local parts store and paying retail prices. The combination of online pricing and free shipping on most orders provides significant savings compared to traditional auto parts stores.

  • Usage of Third-Party Sellers
Rear Brake Hose From CarParts

To expand its catalog of parts, CarParts.com utilizes third-party sellers in addition to selling its own inventory.

Approved vendors can list their inventory of new, used, and rebuilt parts on the CarParts.com marketplace.

This provides customers with an even larger selection of components.

The third-party sellers also compete to offer the lowest prices. CarParts.com highlights the best deals and reviews seller ratings to help you find quality discount parts from reputable sellers. This marketplace pricing dynamic helps drive costs down.

  • Focus on Recycled Parts

Used and recycled OEM parts are an affordable alternative to buying new replacement parts. By specializing in these recycled parts, CarParts.com can provide quality components pulled from salvage vehicles at substantial discounts.

All recycled parts are carefully inspected and tested to ensure they meet strict quality standards. But by reusing parts instead of manufacturing new ones, these recycled components cost a fraction of what you’d pay for new OEM or aftermarket parts.

It’s an excellent way to save money on common replacements.

  • Special Discounts and Promos

Check CarParts.com often and you’ll find they run regular promotions that make cheap parts even more affordable. Watch for sitewide sales, discounts on specific brands, rebates, coupons for free shipping, and other special offers.

Signing up for their email newsletter will let you take advantage of special subscriber promos. You can typically save 10-20% or more if you take advantage of a current CarParts.com promo when placing your order.

  • Large Inventory Allows Price Matching

The massive inventory of CarParts.com gives them flexibility to price match competitors and beat other retailers’ offers. With millions of parts in stock covering most makes and models, they can afford to match lower prices and still make sales.

CarParts.com promises to match verified competitor pricing when you find the same part cheaper elsewhere. Their huge catalog of parts in warehouses across the country allows them to do this and win your business while still turning a profit. Price matching guarantees you get the lowest price.

  • Low Overhead From High Warehouse Turnover

CarParts.com ships thousands of orders every day from its network of distribution warehouses located strategically around the country. This high volume turnover means parts don’t sit gathering dust on shelves for months.

Parts are continually replenished based on real-time sales data. This efficient inventory management minimizes overhead costs associated with storage, handling, and inventory carrying expenses. Greater turnover means lower operating costs get passed to consumers as savings.

  • Parts Recommendations Guide DIY Repairs
Outer Tie Rod From CarParts

The CarParts.com website offers DIY education and parts recommendation tools to help consumers buy exactly what they need to complete repairs and maintenance.

This prevents buying the wrong components so there are fewer returns and exchanges.

Their online Garage provides auto repair maintenance schedules and dashboards. Repair Guides walk you through common jobs step-by-step.

The Parts Finder automatically detects your vehicle and ensures fitment with parts suggestions. This guidance maximizes the chance your first parts order is what you need to finish the job.

  • Excellent Return and Warranty Policies

When buying auto parts online, you want assurance that the parts will fit and function properly. CarParts.com removes the uncertainty and risk by offering generous 1-year warranties and easy returns.

If a part doesn’t fit or work on your vehicle, you can return it for a full refund within 60 days. Most parts also come with a 1-year replacement warranty if it turns out to be faulty or defective. This gives you Peace Of Mind That A Discounted Part Won’t Turn Out To Be A Waste Of Money.

Buying Tips To Get The Lowest Prices

To get the absolute lowest prices on CarParts.com:

  • Compare seller prices for the same part and buy from the cheapest source.
  • Look for coupons and promo codes before checking out.
  • Buy bundled kits for common repairs instead of individual components.
  • Choose remanufactured or aftermarket parts over new OEM when possible.
  • Buy larger quantities for bulk savings on parts you need multiples of.
  • Consider lightly used recycled parts to save the most.
  • Buy parts that qualify for free shipping whenever possible.

Following these tips will help you maximize the savings and get the cheapest car parts possible from CarParts.com. The combination of huge selection, bulk pricing, discounted alternatives to new parts, and excellent warranty coverage makes CarParts.com hard to beat for affordable DIY repairs and maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it safe to buy car parts online?

Yes, it is generally safe to buy car parts from reputable online retailers like CarParts.com. They sell high quality parts that meet OEM specifications and back them with generous return policies and warranties. As long as you order the correct part for your vehicle and install it properly, there is minimal risk buying parts online.

Why are car parts cheaper online than in store?

Online retailers like CarParts.com can offer lower prices because they have lower overhead without physical storefronts. They buy in bulk directly from manufacturers to get wholesale pricing. Ecommerce competition also drives prices down. You avoid retail markups buying online and get free shipping on most orders.

Why is CarParts.com shipping so expensive?

CarParts.com actually offers free shipping on most orders over $50. Return shipping is free too if you need to send a part back. Larger, heavier parts may incur a shipping fee because of higher transportation costs. But most orders ship free, which adds to the savings versus in-store buying.

What is the best online auto parts store?

CarParts.com is one of the most highly rated online auto parts stores according to most experts. They offer a combination of large selection, low pricing, recycled and aftermarket parts, warranties and returns, and discounts and promos that other retailers struggle to match. CarParts.com makes it easy to save money on quality parts for DIY repairs.


With discounted pricing across a vast catalog of parts, CarParts.com has established itself as one of the best sources for cheap auto parts online. Savvy shoppers can save substantial amounts buying parts from CarParts.com instead of a chain auto parts store.

Factors like buying in bulk, focusing on rebuilt parts, reduced overhead from online sales, third-party sellers, recycled parts, and regular promos contribute to low pricing for DIYers and pro mechanics.

Returns and warranties also help minimize the risks of buying auto parts online. For quality parts at bargain prices, CarParts.com can’t be beat.

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