Miller 252 Vs. 255 Welder: In-depth Differences With Features

Miller is an excellent choice of brand when you think about welders. But once you enter their product line, you will have difficulty choosing between Miller 252 and 255.

The main difference between these two welders is the processing capabilities and the weight. The Miller 255 can go through multiple welding processes and are much lighter.

Are these the only differences?

Well, no, there are several other differences you will get to see between the two options. Here, I will take you through some of them with an in-depth comparison of the two welders.

A Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsMiller 252 WelderMiller 255 Welder
Processing capabilitiesMIG and Flux coredMIG, Pulsed MIG, Flux cored
Ease of useA bit criticalBeginner friendly
Pricing  LowerHigher
PerformancePowerfulEfficient and powerful

Key Differences Between Miller 252 And 255 Welders

  • Performance
Miller 252 Welder

One factor you will always keep in mind about the welding machine is its performance.

How good or bad the machine performs is undoubtedly something to consider. I have a slight difference in performance between the two options I have for you here.

First of all, the Miller 252 performs exquisitely. You get pretty high output from the welder, which lets you weld for a more extended period on any higher-end application.

The power you get from the welder is enough to get you through most projects.

As for the Miller 255, it’s more about efficiency besides performance. The machine works so well within limited power that you can’t even complain about it.

You don’t have to worry about the power coming from the welder. It can take you through most welding processes.

Now, when it comes to choosing one or the other, it’s all about preference. I mean, in general, you would surely want a welder that’s much more efficient.

So, in that aspect, Miller 255 is a slightly better option since it’s the upgraded version of Miller 252.

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  • Weight

The weight factor here mainly treats the portability aspect of your welder. A lighter welder is easy for you to move around and work with. And you get to make that choice with these welders as there is a significant difference in the weight.

Miller 252 weighs about 205 lbs. While it’s standard for a welder, it’s much heavier than the Miller 255. The Miller 255 only weighs 84 lbs. The difference is very significant with the weight.

If you are thinking about getting a welder that can move around a lot, then Miller 255 will be a clear choice. It’s so lightweight that you can work with the machine wherever you want.

But if it’s more about staying in a place and enjoying something sturdy, then I have to go with the Miller 252.  

  • Processing capabilities
Millermatic 255 MIG Welder

What types of welding you can do with the machine has a crucial impact on the decision.

You can decide on one of these welders based on the kinds of projects you want to do with them.

With the Miller 252, you can only do one type of welding. It only serves the purpose of MIG or Flux-cored welding.

You can do any MIG welding project with the welder, and it will get your job done without any trouble whatsoever.

On the other hand, you have the Miller 255, which serves multiple welding purposes. You can use this welder for pulsed MIG welding along with the bare MIG or flux-cored welding process.

The option to do pulse MIG welding makes this welder an excellent choice for modern-day welding. You can have welding projects without too much spatter or distortion in the welding process.

Overall, I would say, if you are thinking about basic MIG welding, then you can go with either of them. But if you want more out of your welder and need the Pulse MIG welding feature, you must go with the Miller 255.

  • Ease of use

Do you care about how easy the machine is to use? If that’s you, then this is a factor that can dictate the decision of choosing between the two welders. There is a difference in the difficulty of using the two welders.

The Miller 252 is a more traditional MIG welder than most professional welders. There is a digital panel where you can see all the parameters and get tuners to adjust all the settings. You will need to work around the welder for a while to figure out the settings.

In comparison, Miller 255 is a much easier machine to use. First of all, there is an LCD screen where you can see all the settings coming up. You can easily adjust them by looking at the screen, and there are several buttons you can use to tweak the settings. All of these features make it very beginner friendly for everyone to use.

So, I would say, if you are a beginner or thinking about getting something easy to use, then choose the Miller 255. But if that doesn’t matter too much to you, then you can still select Miller 252.

  • Pricing

Now, let’s discuss the pricing. There is a difference in the prices of both welders.

If you want to save money on your welding machine, go with Miller 252. It’s more affordable compared to Miller 255. There are several reasons for that. The first one is that Miller 252 doesn’t have as many advanced features as the Miller 255.

So, you have to decide on the fact that, whether you want to pay that extra money for the additional features. Also, if you are a beginner, I would still say go with the Miller 255 even with the higher price because you will have a much easier time with it.

Which One Is The Best Pick For You?

This is where you have to consider all the factors I discussed in the comparison and find the perfect choice for your purpose. You can easily decide between them based on some factors. Here’s how you can do it.

If you are thinking of an affordable welder that can do MIG welding projects, Miller 252 is a good option. For people who need a lightweight welder along with a pulsed MIG welding feature, Miller 255 is the perfect way to go.

So, it all comes down to what you need for your projects. If you plan to do pulsed MIG welding, Miller 252 is your only choice. Get to know more from this video.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is a Miller 252 welder used for?

The Miller 252 welder is used for MIG and Flux cored welding.

How many amps does a Miller 255 draw?

The Miller 255 amps draw about 175amps at a 60% duty cycle.

Can you TIG with a Millermatic 255?

No, you can’t do TIG welding with Millermatic 255. However, you can do TIG and other welding processes with the Multimatic 255.

Is a Miller 252 single phase?

Yes, Miller 252 is a single-phase welder.


Summing up, Miller 252 vs. 255 is about the projects you want to do with them. Since Miller 252 can’t do pulsed MIG welding, you can’t choose it if that’s your purpose.

So, deciding on the welder is very easy. You have to go through what they can do and what they can’t. The comparison will surely give you a clear idea of the choice.

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