Pelican Storm iM3300 Vs. 1750 Rifle Cases: In-depth Differences

Are you having trouble storing your rifles?

Then, Pelican cases are just the thing you are looking for. When it’s about the Pelican cases, you come across the Pelican storm iM3300 vs. 1750. The most significant difference they have is in the body material both of them use. The iM3300 has a resin body, whereas 1750 comes with Polypropylene.

These aren’t the only difference between the two cases. You get to see several other differences, and here I will dive in-depth to give you a look into that.

So, let’s get into it and check out the differences between the two rifle cases.

A Quick Comparison Table

Specifications Pelican Storm iM3300Pelican Storm 1750
TemperaturesMin: -20°, Max: 140°Min: -40°, Max: 210°
Color optionsTwo choicesThree choices
ResistanceWaterWater, dust, crush

Key Differences Between Pelican Storm Im3300 And 1750 Rifle Cases

  • Materials
IM3300 Pelican Storm Case
IM3300 Pelican Storm Case

The first and major difference between these rifle cases is the slight difference in the materials.

There are a variety of materials that go into the making of the cases. Let’s get through the materials, so you will surely know which one works out for you.

Starting with the iM3300, the body material you have in this case is resin.

To be very specific, the material they have is lightweight HPX resin. Because of this, the case is lightweight and easy to carry around.

At the same time, it’s pretty intense as a material, so durability is something you also get from the case.

Coming to 1750, you get a Polypropylene material as the body. It’s durable and sturdy but it’s not the most lightweight option. Still, I would say the quality of the material is excellent, and you will get value out of it.

Now, when it comes to deciding on one of them, you have to think about what each of them offers. The iM3300 offers you with lightweight body along with good durability.

On the other hand, 1750 is sturdier and not so light. So, choose the one that suits your needs the most.

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  • Temperatures

The temperature condition these cases can withhold is also something to consider. You can decide based on these choices because the difference is pretty evident.

First, Storm iM3300 can go through a minimum temperature of -20°F and a maximum temperature of 140°F. So, you can get to a colder region as well as a pretty hot region, and this case will work out without any trouble at all.

However, 1750 takes that one notch up with its temperature tolerance. You can take the cases to a low temperature of -40°F and a high temperature of around 210°F. So, in this case, you will get better temperature tolerance over the other option.

It’s all about thinking about which one is enough for your purpose. If the range of -20F to 140F works out for you, then you shouldn’t worry about the other option anyways. But if you need more tolerance, you might want to check out 1750.

  • Color options
1750 pelican case
1750 Pelican Case

I don’t think this makes too much difference, but if you want, you can consider this a factor. There are differences in the available color choices for the two cases.

You get two color choices with the iM3300. The colors are black and OD green. For the most part, black is a standard color that most people go for.

But OD green is also something you might want to consider if you want to take the unique path.

As for 1750, you get three different color choices. Here, along with black and OD green, you get another color choice: Dessert tan. It’s more of a lighter color. So, if you need something that has a lighter color profile, this is the perfect option.

Altogether, there isn’t much difference in the color options. It’s all about whether you want a lighter color or not. If you want a lighter color, then go with 1750. But if you don’t, they are still an option to consider.  

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  • Resistance

Now, let’s talk about the protective features these cases can provide. First of all, the iM3300 offers good waterproofing with them.

You don’t have to worry too much about any water causing damage to your case. Aside from that, they don’t mention anything specific for the cases.

On the other hand, 1750 comes with so many different protective features. First, it has a waterproofing feature. Along with that, it’s also dust resistance.

There is also crush resistance in the case, so you don’t have to worry about damaging or crushing the cases with heavy loads.

If I had to pick a case for resistance, I would go with 1750. They are just resistant to more adversities than iM3300.  

Which One Is The Best Pick For You?

Still confused? Well, I recommend going through all the factors I discussed above again. This will clear your idea about the two rifle cases so you can easily decide on one of them.

The easiest way to pick one of them best suitable for your need is to go through the material. If you want something lightweight and easy to carry, the resin-made iM3300 will be the perfect option. Let’s check it out more!

But if you want the best sturdiness and durability, 1750 is the way to go.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Is the Pelican 1750 waterproof?

Yes, Pelican 1750 is waterproof with its pressure equalization valve and O-ring seal.

How much does a pelican 1750 weigh?

The pelican 1750 weighs around 26lbs.

What is the difference between Pelican and Storm cases?

The difference between Pelican cases and pelican storm cases is the material. The outer shell of storm cases has a lightweight HPX material. In contrast, the Pelican cases don’t have that.

Are Pelican gun cases worth it?

Pelican gun cases are worth it if you want to protect your very high-value equipment. They provide excellent protection and keep the items inside the case safe.


In conclusion, when you choose between Pelican storm iM3300 vs. 1750, you have to think about two factors, durability and portability. If you want something more durable and sturdier, then 1750 is a good option.

If you wish to get that lightweight nature in the case, Storm iM3300 is the way to go.

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