Mad Rock Safeguard Vs. LifeGuard Belay Device

The Mad Rock Safeguard and LifeGuard Belay Device are both exceptional pieces of equipment that are top picks in their field with excellent performance.

Finely engineered by Mad Rock for your ease, each of these is meant to perform similar functions but comes with differences such as the presence of spring, availability in the market, etc.

Lucky for you, we’ve got it covered. Leave it to us to differentiate one from the other and bring ease to your decision before the purchase. Keep reading to know more!

A Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsMad Rock SafeguardMad Rock LifeGuard
Availability of springAbsent (Springless design)Present
Availability in the marketRareEasy to find
PurposeRigging/rescue (rope usage-based projects)Roping and lead climbing
Rope CompatibilityFor rescue/rigging use: 8.1mm to 11mm rope
diameter For climbing use: 8.9mm to 11mm rope diameter
8.9 to 11mm
Materials used for the manufactureHot forged aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steelHot forged aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel
Operates like most auto-brake assist devicesNoYes

Key Differences Between Mad Rock Safeguard And LifeGuard Belay Device

  • Availability of Spring
Mad Rock Safeguard Belay Device
Mad Rock Safeguard

The Mad Rock Safeguard is quite like Mad Rock’s LifeGuard yet differs in a little but significant way.

The Safeguard, commonly known as the LifeGuard Black Edition, is springless in construction (everything is the same except the spring is removed).

For route setters, camera operators, arborists, riggers, rope access, and other specialized usages, the springless design makes it more suitable.

It won’t be effective for lead climbing (the red LifeGuard is designed for that).

It is simple to give the lead climber slack since, in most cases, a spring engages to maintain the cam open (and not closed on the rope). The rope can be easily inserted and removed without resistance in this conventional meaning.

The cam would constantly be on without this spring, breaking the rope. As a result, the climber will always be kept in place by any force applied from the climber’s side of the rope.

It should be noted that lowering it would result in the same outcome, you would still need to use the handle and override the cam.

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  • Availability In The Market

The fact that it is stated one is rare and the other is not, by comparison, does not necessarily mean there is less quantity produced of one than the other. Of course, this can be a possibility.

However, here we are referring to the fact that one is more popular in the market and is sold out quicker than the other.

Both products are priced at the same value, so it cannot be said that the cost is a determinant of the difference in demand.

At the end of the day, everyone will buy what they need or prefer based on what work must be done. It just happens to be so that one is preferred over the other.

So, hurry up and get yours before stock runs out! (Keep in mind, you can always contact the company and request to order in case your desired product is sold out).

  • Purpose

The functions of both products are similar.

Safeguard is an excellent tool for the functions of rigging and rescue operations. You can be confident that the gadget will not creep nor slide off after the position of the rope is chosen because it will latch onto the rope with very little force.

The LifeGuard, on the other hand, is one of a kind. It is a new breed of belay device with assistance braking capabilities.

This means that the belay gadget will automatically assist the belayer in stopping the climber’s fall when/if he or she slips and falls. This is great for top roping and lead climbing.

  • Weight

They both weigh the same with a value of 154kg each.

The Safeguard and LifeGuard have been designed to be lightweight and easy to carry hence the weights have been ensured to share the same value.

There really is no difference here, but it is important to be aware of this matter, so we have included it as well.

  • Rope Compatibility
LifeGuard Belay Device
LifeGuard Belay Device

The Mad Rock Safeguard has rope compatibilities for 2 functions.

First, if you intend to use it to execute the action of rescuing or rigging then the range of value for the rope compatibility will be 8.1mm to 11mm rope diameter.

Secondly, if your concern with the Mad Rock Safeguard is for climbing, then the range of value for the rope compatibility will be 8.9mm to 11mm rope diameter.

There is not much of a difference in these ranges. In fact, it is only at the upper value in which one requires the range to start from 8.1mm and the other requires 8.9mm.

This may seem like a minor detail, but it is crucial to abide by.

In the case of the Mad Rock LifeGuard, there is only one range of concern for the rope compatibility, which is 8.9mm to 11mm rope diameter.

  • Materials Used For Manufacture

Just like the matter of price and weight, the safeguard and LifeGuard have this feature in common as well. They are both made from hot-forged aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel.

This ensures that they are lightweight enough to carry easily and increases the durability of the products.

  • Operates Like Most Auto-Brake Assist Devices

The Mad Rock Safeguard (also known as the LifeGuard Black Edition), has no camming spring. The cam would constantly be on without this spring, breaking the rope.

Therefore, the climber will always be held by the rope regardless of how little force is applied from the climber’s side.

Therefore, unlike the LifeGuard, the Mad Rock Safeguard does not operate like most auto-brake assist devices.

The Mad Rock LifeGuard on the other hand works perfectly fine as an auto-brake assist belay device.


Mad Rock Safeguard and  LifeGuard comparison shows a quite healthy relationship with each difference standing strong in support of their functions.

Manufactured with finesse from Mad Rock, they are both essentially top-notch, and you can trust them with your eyes closed!

The Safeguard does provide a wider spectrum of functions, but the choice solely depends on if that’s the purchase you are willing to make since the price is the same.

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