JetSeal Vs. Ceramic Coating: Which One Should You Pick?

Are you considering car paint? Then you must know how important top coats are. JetSeal and ceramic coating are the two most popular paint protection options.

JetSeal is less durable, lasts for a shorter time, and is easy to apply but harder to maintain. Ceramic coating is more durable and lasting and is harder to apply but easier to maintain.

Protective top layers help your car paint last longer. JetSeal and ceramic coating- both are good for this, but which one should you choose? Here is a comparison to help you decide.

A Quick Comparison of the Summary

FeatureJetSealCeramic Coating
Durability and longevityGood, not etch proof, lasts around 12 monthsBetter, etch proof, lasts around 3-4 years
Ease of applicationEasy to apply and work withHarder to apply and work with
MaintenanceHarder to maintain, needs redo oftenEasier to maintain, doesn’t need redo often

And that’s the gist of the whole thing. Keep reading below for the detailed breakdown.

Key Differences Between JetSeal And Ceramic Coating

JetSeal coating

Of course, there are basic chemical differences between the two products.

But even without that, there are some differences between JetSeal and ceramic coating that make both of them stand out.

The major differences between JetSeal and ceramic coats are durability and longevity, ease of application, maintenance, and price.

Let’s see how the differences play out in both products.

  • Durability and Longevity

Of course, this is the most important point when it comes to protective products.

JetSeal doesn’t hold up very well against stains and isn’t etchproof.

It lasts around 12 months depending on your parking. Ceramic coating is etch-proof, works better against stains, and lasts around 3-4 years.

JetSeal is a popular sealant for a reason. This product reduces the stains your cars get and maintains the glossy finish. But to understand its durability level, you’ll have to go a little deeper.

JetSeal is something that needs to bond with your car paint. And since it bonds with the paint, a scratch on JetSeal means a scratch on the paint.

JetSeal also is a little behind in the longevity field. This sealant has both organic and inorganic components. This mix makes the wear-off faster, so it doesn’t very long.

Depending on the place you keep your car, the dust and debris can limit the sealant duration to 12 months.

Ceramic coating is much more well-rounded in both departments. They form a new nanoparticle layer over your paint that pretty much stops every pollutant from coming in contact with your paint.

This means your car is better protected from them. Not just that, ceramic coating also makes your car more resistant to water, other liquids, and etches.

Ceramic coating is a very good UV protectant too, so that’s another plus. But the real reason people go for ceramic coating is because of its longevity.

The nanoparticle coating is unmixed, so the wear-off takes more time. The coating can last up to 4 years depending on the environment.

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  • Ease of Application

This usually doesn’t become a big issue for most but it is a difference nonetheless. JetSeal is far easier to apply compared to ceramic coating. Not just because of the texture, the whole procedure is simpler than applying a ceramic coating.

JetSeal is a paint sealant, so you can work it like any regular one. Just clean your car surface, remove dust and debris and you can start applying it.

After you’re done spraying, wait for around 40 minutes and it is all good. The texture is very easy to work with and you can reach every corner smoothly.

Ceramic coating takes more work than that. Start with cleaning your car surface. Then use a machine polisher to prime the surface for the next steps.

Apply the ceramic coating and wait for around five minutes. Then buff it up and let the coating sit for one whole day. Make sure your vehicle doesn’t come in contact with water or grease meanwhile.

This already works enough, but the ceramic coating texture can make it slightly harder to work with. You can definitely reach every corner, you’ll just have to work a bit more for that.

  • Maintenance

Cleaning and touch-up are pretty important points for protective coatings. JetSeal is a little harder to clean and needs touch-up sooner.

Ceramic Coating
Ceramic Coating

You’ll also have to completely redo it. Ceramic coating is much easier to clean and doesn’t need redoing as a touch-up.

Since JetSeal ingredients bond with the paint, the protective layer is usually thinner. This makes it harder to clean up or remove any stains.

The layer isn’t water-resisting either, so you need to be extra careful during cleaning.

As for retouching, you already know JetSeal doesn’t last long compared to ceramic coating.

So you’ll have to get it retouched pretty often. The problem is, there isn’t really any “retouch” for JetSeal. You’ll have to get the whole thing (minus the paint) from scratch.

Ceramic coating’s thicker protective layer makes it easier to remove stains. The water-resistant layer means you can go a little overboard with cleaning, just don’t bring your scrubs out.

Retouching the protective layer is also easier with ceramic coating. All you’re going to need is a silica-based spray and you’re good!

  • Price

This is pretty much the most glaring difference between the two products. JetSeal is more on the affordable side while the ceramic coating is pricier. On JetSeal’s official website, the product goes for $19.49-$39.99 depending on the container size.

On the same website, the ceramic coating products go for $25.99-$209.99 depending on product and size.

Which One Should You Go For?

That is a little hard to answer because it depends on your personal preference. Whatever you choose, make sure it benefits you the most.

If you’re looking for something easy to work with, JetSeal is a better option. It is very easy to work with and is on the more affordable side. If you don’t want to wait a long time overall, this is a good option.

The problem is, JetSeal won’t last for long. Cleanup is also harder and it doesn’t give any protection against water.

If you’re looking for something long-lasting, ceramic coating is the better option. It is durable, lasts long, and can stand well against scratches. Ceramic coating is also water resistant and gives better protection against UV rays.

The only problem is, ceramic coating is harder to work with and it costs a little more. But if you can shell out a few extra bucks, this is definitely a better investment.

Overall, Ceramic coating is the better option. but if you’re looking for something more affordable or easier to work with, JetSeal is a solid option.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does jet seal last?

JetSeal can last 12 months depending on your parking situation and overall environment.

Can you wax over Jetseal?

Yes, you can use wax over JetSeal.

Is sealant the same as ceramic coating?

No, the sealant and the ceramic coating are different. Sealant bonds with the paint and creates a protective layer over it. Ceramic coating creates a whole new nanoparticle coating over the paint layer.

What does jet seal do?

JetSeal creates a protective and shiny layer over your car paint. This layer protects your car from pollutants and gives it a glossy finish.

What’s better wax sealant or ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating is better in terms of durability.

Final Verdict

The JetSeal and ceramic coating debate winner depends on your personal preference. If you want an objective verdict, ceramic coating is the better option.

And if you’re looking for something more affordable or easy to work with, JetSeal is pretty hard to beat.

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