Huk Vs. XtraTuf Fishing Boots: In-depth Differences

Are you looking for a pair of high-quality fishing boots?

The Huk vs. XtraTuf debate is a standard comparison you will see with your fishing boots choices. The main difference between the two is in comfortability. XtraTuf boots are much more comfortable than Huk boots in general.

Other than that, plenty of other differences can help you decide between the two options. How do you find them?

You can check out the in-detail comparison of the two books I have prepared for you. These will give you a perfect choice based on your preferences.

Let’s dig deep and find out which option is best for you.

A Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsHuk Fishing BoatsXtraTuf Fishing Boats
TractionGood gripSlip-resistant grip
SizingA bit snugOrder half size up

Key Differences Between XtraTuf And Huk Fishing Boots

  • Comfortability
Huk fishing boots
Huk Fishing Boots

Right off the bat, when you are getting fishing boots, you will want to consider the comfortability factor.

It’s an essential thing, and there is a significant difference between the two choices regarding comfortability.

XtraTuf fishing boots will have a very high level of comfort.

You can wear the boots and keep fishing for long hours without causing any fatigue to your feet.

The padding is pretty good on the shoes, so you don’t have to worry about any hard surface hurting your feet. The fit is also perfect if you go with the correct sizes.

Coming to the Huk fishing boots, I have to say, the comfortability isn’t as satisfying as XtraTuf. But that doesn’t mean it’s not comfortable. You can also expect a good level of comfort from these shoes.

But if you want the boots most comfortable for your feet, I suggest going for the XtraTuf fishing boots rather than the Huk ones.

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  • Traction

Thinking of the traction factor is something a lot of people do when they buy boots. Since you are getting fishing boots and working around water, you will need good traction in your shoes.

Although there isn’t much difference in the traction, one of the boots certainly presents you with a slight advantage.

Starting with the Huk boots, you get a pretty good grip on the shoes. They call it the GripX technology, using the non-marking outsole on the boots.

These are suited for wet traction, which means you can expect good traction even if the surface is wet. That’s something you will admire on a fishing boot.

I have to say the XtraTuf fishing boots are slightly better. While they have a similar nonmarking outsole and wet traction, they also have a slip resistance layer on the boots.

Because of that, you will have a more significant advantage with this fishing boot on slippery surfaces.

So, if you work in a place where the floor is too slippery or always wet, I think XtraTuf fishing shoes are your best bet. But for a common area, you can also rely on the Huk fishing boots.

  • Sizing

Let’s talk about the size factor; typically, it’s crucial no matter what kind of shoes you buy. Now, what’s the difference between the sizing of these shoes? Here’s the difference you see in this factor –

XtraTuf Fishing Boot
XtraTuf Fishing Boot

The sizing of XtraTuf fishing shoes is a bit different. It’s always better to go for a size that’s half size up than the actual size you are looking to get.

Whereas, with Huk fishing boots, you don’t have to do that.

Is it that easy?

Unfortunately, no. Even though the sizing of Huk shoes is what you should be getting as the actual size, it comes with a snug fit.

So, you will see that the boots aren’t fitting correctly, or you will have a tight fit. This fit may start causing fatigue on your feet after a while.

So, how do you choose one?

 It’s simple. If you think the half-size-up trick works out for you and provides the perfect fit, then you go with XtraTuf. But if you feel a tight fit works well, the Huk fishing boot is the way to go.

  • Pricing

It is where you can easily figure out the perfect choice for your needs. There is a pretty noticeable difference between the two boots regarding the price.

XtraTuf fishing boots are way more expensive than Huk fishing boots. Also, you can hardly expect any discount on the XtraTuf boots. But with Huk fishing boots, there are several discounts from time to time.

If you are willing to save up some money or are within a tight budget, Huk fishing boots are a better pick. If you don’t overthink money or funding, XtraTuf is a perfect choice.

Which One Is A Better Pick For Your Fishing Needs?

It will all boil down to the factors that make a difference between the two fishing boots. For the most part, I would recommend going for the XtraTuf, especially if you are a regular user.

They are much more rigid and more comfortable. They are also resistant to several adversities.

But if you are thinking of saving money and don’t plan to use the boots for long hours or that often, then Huk boots are a better pick. Because in that scenario, you may not need the kind of comfortability or durability, and you can save money simultaneously.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Do Huk deck boots run big?

No, Huk boots don’t run big. They are mostly true to size or have a pretty snug fit.

Should I size up or down for XTRATUF boots?

You should always go a half size up on the XtraTuf boots.

How do Huk’s shoes fit?

The shoes will fit you pretty well and, at times, have a snug fit if you go with the correct sizes.

Are Xtra Tuffs suitable for hiking?

Yes, XtraTuf boots are pretty good for hiking based on the slip resistance factor they have.


Wrapping it up, choosing a fishing boot between Huk and XtraTuf is always about your personal choice. Most of the basic factors always support XtraTuf. They are much better in longevity and other crucial factors.

But for a budget pick, Huk is a clear choice.

So, it all comes down to what you prefer to get in a fishing boot. Whether it’s affordability or comfortability and durability is up to you.

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