Fenix Vs. Streamlight (2024): Which Flashlight Is Right For You?

Are you looking for a reliable and long-lasting flashlight in the market?

Then you may have already stumbled upon so many brands of flashlights. From those, you must have wondered between Fenix and Streamlight which is a better option. The main differences between the two are in brightness and price.

Both of the brands are very well known and come with different features. In this blog post, you will get to know about the similarities and dissimilarities between the two to pick the suitable one for you.

A Quick Comparison Table

Just like all the other blogs, my intention here is to help you out by giving the needed information in the quickest possible time.

By having a look at the following comparison table, you can decide which one will be the better one for you in no time.

So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

SpecificationsFenix FlashlightStreamlight Flashlight
PopularityFenix Flashlight is not as common to users as the Streamlight Flashlight.The Streamlight flashlight is very common among users.
PriceFenix would cost lesser to the customers.Streamlight Flashlight would cost more while purchasing in comparison with Fenix.
AvailabilityFenix Flashlight is easier to find in multiple e-commerce stores.Sometimes Streamlight Flashlight is very hard to find.
The brightness of lightThe warmer brightness of the Fenix light is better for detailed views.Streamlight Flashlight gives a cooler light, sometimes this may fail to give a better view while aiming a target with the gun for the user.
BatteriesFenix comes with a rechargeable 18350 battery.The Streamlight comes with a single CR123A battery.
Readiness for the battleThis light is good for the battle, but there are other better options available in the market to serve this purpose well.Streamlight Flashlights can also be considered for battle but again they may not be always suitable for serving this purpose.
Attachment To The PistolWhile attaching to the pistol Fenix Flashlight is a more convenient one.Streamlight Flashlight may not stay ahead of the Fenix when it comes to ensuring the convenience of the attachment.
Availability Of HolsterFinding a holster for the Fenix Flashlight may be difficult sometime.Finding a holster is easy.

So, these are some notable features, where both Fenix and Streamlight flashlight has some similarities and dissimilarities. Depending on these features, if you still have not made up your mind then in the next section you will get to know about those in detail.

Key Differences Between Fenix And Streamlight

Fenix Flashlights

Now that you know about the basic features of both Fenix and Streamlight flashlights, it is time to know about those in detail. So, here you go.

  • The Popularity Of The Flashlight

While taking any purchase decision, it is a common trait of people to ask their peers about that particular product.

In that case, Streamlight Flashlight is very popular among the users whereas, Fenix Flashlight is not as popular and common in comparison with Streamlight Flashlight.

  • Readiness For The Battle

Both Flashlights can be used for battles, but they may not be the most suitable to serve best for this purpose. There are some better options available in the market for that.

If you need a flashlight for use in battle, then I would suggest you go for those.

  • Attachment To The Pistol

Fenix Flashlight is undoubtedly a more convenient option when it comes to attaching it to the pistol. You may face some inconvenience while dealing with Streamlight Flashlight in this regard.

  • Availability of Holster

Finding a holster is easy for the Streamlight Flashlight, but it may be difficult for Fenix Flashlight.

There you know about the mentioned features of both the flashlights and how these differ from one another. I hope by now you have already decided about the suitable one for you.

  • Price
Streamlight Micro Flashlight

The purchase decision of a product depends a lot on the affordability of the customer according to the pricing of that product.

The same goes for the flashlight purchase decision also.

There is a difference in the prices for the two options, for instance, Streamlight Flashlight will cost you more than the Fenix Flashlight.

The price range of a Streamlight flashlight is $119 to $140.

On the other hand, the cost of Fenix Flashlight is around $100 USD.

  • Availability

There are sometimes when Streamlight Flashlight becomes very hard to find. The possibility could be the increasing demand for the product due to its popularity.

On the contrary, Fenix Flashlight is the most convenient to find in multiple e-commerce stores.

  • Brightness of light

According to the review of most of the users and my personal observation, the Fenix Flashlight light is better for detailed views with the brightness it offers.

But, Streamlight provides a cooler brightness which may not be as convenient to see the target as the brightness of Fenix Flashlight.

  • Batteries

The power of the battery is almost the same for both of the flashlights. Though there lies a difference in the batteries in terms of brand.

For instance, Fenix comes with a rechargeable 18350 battery, and, The Streamlight comes with a single CR123A battery.

Which One Is Better for You?

Fenix Flashlight

There goes the question, that you have been seeking to answer for so long.

As you can see all the features of both of the flashlights, considering all the aspects, Fenix Flashlight clearly stays ahead of Streamlight flashlight.

Fenix Flashlight comes with a lesser price tag, more available in the market.

Most importantly, while targeting a shot you are getting a more detailed view to increasing the chance of success.

Though there may be some cons as well, it outweighs the benefits for sure.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Fenix flashlights the best?

It is. That is why it is having increasing popularity among professionals in recent times. The most admirable aspect of the Fenix flashlight is that it is powerful, durable, and versatile.

Are Fenix flashlights Made in the USA?

Fenix flashlights are made in Shenzhen, China.

Is Streamlight as good as surefire?

No, Surefire is better on the battlefield, in simple words, it is always battle ready. But Streamlight is not suitable enough to serve in the battle.

Is olight better than Fenix?

No, the manufacturing procedure and outcome of Fenix Flashlight are much better.

Wrapping Things Up

When you are trying to pick between Fenix and Streamlight, it is clear that Fenix Flashlight is the better choice for most users.

It offers a brighter and more detailed view, comes with rechargeable 18350 batteries, and is easier to attach to a pistol. On top of that, it is more affordable and widely available in the market.

But there are certain cons as well that you also need to consider. I am sure you are going to make the smart decision for yourself. Cheers!

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