Costa Green Mirror Vs. Blue Mirror For Fishing (2024)

Regarding fishing, having the right pair of sunglasses can make all the difference. Not only do they protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, but they also help you see the fish below the surface of the water.

Two popular choices for fishing sunglasses are the Costa Green Mirror and the Blue Mirror lenses. But, they vary in the base lens, suitable conditions, usable place, price, efficiency, and vision.

So, keep reading to know more about these differences.

A Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsGreen MirrorBlue Mirror
Base lensCopperGray
Suitable conditionsOvercast daysSunny days
Usable placeInshore and on flatsOpen water and offshore

Key Differences Between The Costa Green Mirror And Blue Mirror

  • Base Lens
Costa Green Mirror Lens
Costa Green Mirror Lens

The base lenses of both mirrors are entirely different, which makes them suitable for various purposes.

The Green mirror comes with a Copper base.

Copper base provides the benefits of incredible visibility, improved depth perception, and great clarity in overcast or low-light situations.

On the other hand, the Blue mirror has a grey base lens.

A grey base is ideal for general use.

Moreover, the other benefits of the grey lens are reduced eye fatigue and improved color perception.

On those hot summer days, the Blue mirror helps with the reduction of glare. So, evaluate your needs and go for the perfect Glasses that suit your requirements.

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  • Suitable Conditions

The base lens of the Costa Green Mirror is made from high-quality materials and is designed to reduce gloom and enhance color contrast and visibility in low-light conditions.

The green tint of the lens helps to increase the visibility of objects, making it easier for the fisherman. This makes the Costa Green Mirror lenses an excellent choice for fishing in low light, cloudy conditions, especially in saltwater.

On the other hand, the base lens of the Blue Mirror is designed to reduce glare in bright light conditions. The blue tint of the lens helps to increase the visibility of objects in the water, making it easier to spot fish.

The blue tint also helps reduce eye strain, making it a great choice for fishing in bright light conditions for extended periods.

  • Usable Place

Costa Green mirrors are more suitable for a coastal adventure. Moreover, they are ideal for daily variable conditions. The working possibilities on the flats on those harsh rainy, and cloudy days increase with the help of the Green mirror lens.

Conversely, the Blue lens is perfect for offshore and open water. Fishing on bright sunny days becomes very efficient with the use of Blue mirror lenses.

Moreover, blue lenses are more convenient for fishing in clear, bright water. So, if you are willing to fish on rainy and cloudy days, green lenses will help you the most. Otherwise, prefer blue glasses.

  • Efficiency
Costa Blue Mirror Lens
Costa Blue Mirror Lens

In general, both glasses are unique in their features and benefits.

So, to be honest, efficiency depends on the goal you want to achieve.

But, if we compare everything, effectiveness-wise, the Blue mirror is slightly ahead of the Green one.

Blue mirrors are consummate for general use.

Also, fishing on open, transparent, and bright water is more effective with these glasses.

In contrast, the Green ones are less convenient and efficient compared to the Costa Blue mirror. They are consummate for shore in the cloudy weather when the light is low for fishing.

Though these glasses improve your depth access, they might not suit every condition. But, overall, the Blue glasses will help you in every weather condition.

  • Vision

In terms of vision, there is no clear winner cause you never know which condition you will face. Where the Blue Mirror glasses reduce glare and Eye fatigue, the Green mirror glasses provide clarity.

Costa Green mirrors are well known for their enhanced vision and contrast in gloomy conditions.

On the other side, the Blue mirror are famous for reducing extra brightness and providing the perfect vision in the bright light and harsh summer.

By deducting the extra glare, it helps to maintain the proper visibility in the water and offshore. So, both glasses can be used for different vision positions.

  • Price
Green Mirror Lenses in Costa Sunglass
Green Mirror Lenses in Costa Sunglass

Last but not least, the price tags on these glasses are different. Green glasses are a more affordable option.

The price range of the green glasses is between 220 dollars to 250 dollars, making it a more convenient option for a tight budget people.

Besides, Blue mirror glasses are more expensive because of their usage and benefits.

The price tag is between 250 to 300 dollars depending on which website you are purchasing from.

But, during our study, the Costa official website price tag of the glasses is relatively lower than other online shops. So, you can check out their official website for a more precise idea.

Which Glass Is A Better Pick For Your Fishing?

In this case, the decision depends on your needs and requirements. Let’s make it more translucent.

If you live or fish in a place where the lighting and weather remain gloomy, you should pick the Costa Green glasses. Because of its enhanced vision, clarity, and contrast, it will suit you the most. Also, it is a cheaper option.

Nevertheless, Blue glasses are undoubtedly a better option for better efficiency, general use, and bright light and weather conditions. But, you will have to invest more money in the purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the distinction between blue and green Costa lenses?

The main difference between these two lenses is the base lens. The Blue lenses are built with a grey base, making them a more suitable option for harsh, sunny, and bright days. Besides, the Green lenses have a base of copper. It improves visibility in rainy and foggy weather where the light is not enough for effective fishing.

What are the green mirror lenses good for?

Green mirror lenses minimize the shimmer to provide more suitable vision while fishing. Moreover, it reduces eye fatigue to protect your eyesight from extra brightness or light. With better color perception, spotting fish in the water becomes more effective.

Are green or blue lenses better for fishing?

Green or blue polarized lenses are specially made for fishing purposes. They give you a fantastic perception and idea about the fish’s depth, color, and location.
Despite unique technology, these polarized glasses reduce the chances of eye damage. On top of that, offshore and inshore fishing gets a new boost with these glasses.

What is the difference between green and blue polarized lenses?

The blue lenses give an extraordinary performance in bright light conditions. It saves your eye lens from excessive light during outdoor activities on hot summer days.
Conversely, the green polarized lenses perform well in the lower-light situation. It provides better clarity than regular glasses.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping up for today. Hopefully, the article has enlightened you about the distinctions between Costa green and blue mirror.

In conclusion, the Costa Green Mirror and the Blue Mirror lenses have unique features and benefits. The decision between the two ultimately depends on the conditions you will be fishing in and your personal preference.

Regardless of which pair you choose, both will provide you with the protection and clarity you need to have a successful day on the water.

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