Arlo Skye Vs. Rimowa: Battle of The Premium Suitcase Brands

When it comes to investing in a premium luggage set that will stand the test of time, two brands stand out from the crowd: Arlo Skye and Rimowa. But which one is right for you?

This comprehensive guide compares all the key factors to consider when deciding between these top suitcase brands, including:

  • Design and materials
  • Durability and quality
  • Weight and maneuverability
  • Security and warranty
  • Price

We’ll also dive into some frequently asked questions to help make your final choice easier.

At A Glance Comparison

Before jumping into the full analysis, here is a high-level overview comparing Arlo Skye and Rimowa carry-ons:

FeatureArlo SkyeRimowa
MaterialsPolycarbonate or aluminumPolycarbonate or aluminum
Weight7.1 – 7.7 lbs6.6 – 7 lbs
WheelsDouble spinnerDouble spinner
WarrantyLimited lifetime guarantee5 years

As you can see, these brands share some core similarities being in the high-end suitcase niche. But differences like weight, specific materials used, and especially the price point set them apart.

Now let’s dive deeper into how Arlo Skye and Rimowa stack up across the key purchasing factors:

Comparison of Design and Materials

Both brands offer sleek, modern designs focused on durability and maneuverability. The visual styles are also somewhat comparable, with hard shells and metallic trim for visual flair. However, there are some distinct differences:

Arlo Skye

Arlo Skye Luggage

The Arlo Skye aesthetic can best be described as “understated minimalism meets functionality.” The colors are muted tones like grey and tan.

For materials, you have a choice between 100% polycarbonate or lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum depending on the model. The aluminum frames are appealing for both durability and lightness.


Rimowa leans more heavily into luxury appeal from a visual design perspective. The aluminum cases feature distinctive parallel ridged grooves along the exterior that have become iconic in the world of luggage.

Nearly all Rimowa suitcases use polycarbonate shells now, moving away from aluminum. But the brand name still carries that luxury aluminum association.

The Winner: Draw

When it comes to design preference, your personal style will determine whether Arlo Skye’s muted hues or Rimowa’s flashy ridged look wins out.

Both use excellent materials that are protecting and durable. Arlo Skye gets bonus points for its lightweight aluminum frame options.

Durability and Quality Comparison

Durability is a prime concern for a premium suitcase purchase, and these options deliver:

Arlo Skye

The 100% Makrolon polycarbonate shell has no breakable parts and retains its strength even in cold weather. The aluminum models provide first-class scratch and corrosion resistance.

Both materials are engineered for flexibility to prevent cracks over time. All models feature strong double spinner wheels and durable zippers built to last.


Rimowa Cabin Plus Suitcase
Rimowa Cabin Plus Suitcase

The Rimowa polycarbonate cases live up to expectations and have excellent damage and temperature resistance.

Impressively, the shells can withstand over 1,200 pounds of pressure.

The wheels and handles are equally high-quality, making these units ideal for chronic travelers who are hard on their luggage.

If any part breaks or fails, replacements are straightforward.

The Winner: Draw

Both Arlo Skye and Rimowa are neck and neck for durability. These suitcases can endure years of intensive travel thanks to smart engineering and robust materials that provide essential flex.

Unless you regularly transport delicate items or check delicate items, either brand offers confidence in protecting your belongings.

Weight and Maneuverability

Carrying and wheeling luggage through airports can quickly get exhausting and frustrating with a heavy, unwieldy case. So weight and maneuverability differences are worth examining:

Arlo Skye

Arlo Skye Luggage
Arlo Skye Luggage

The polycarbonate carry-ons weigh 7.1 to 7.3 pounds, while the lighter aluminum models are only 6.7 to 6.8 lbs.

Overall, the entire Arlo Skye lineup aims to provide ideal balance and wheeling comfort.

The cases also have super smooth-rolling wheels tuned to the ideal width for maneuvering tight spaces with little effort.


The polycarbonate Essential Lite options are only 6.6 lbs for optimum lightness during transport. But most Original and Hybrid models range from 7 to 7.7 lbs for the carry-on variants—a touch heavier than Arlo’s selection.

The Rimowa cases do also offer excellent maneuverability. The premium multi-wheel system navigates smoothly in any direction.

The Winner: Arlo Skye

At the carry-on and checked bag sizes, Arlo Skye suitcases shave off a few critical ounces that make airport transfers less exhausting. The lighter aluminum frames are a real advantage here.

Arlo also edges out Rimowa for wheel and balance quality that require less effort to roll around tight spaces.

Security and Warranty

Having reliable baggage security gives peace of mind, while strong company guarantees provide financial assurance:

Arlo Skye

The Campus backpack is designed specifically for anti-theft protection, while the core luggage line lacks advanced security tech.

Impressively, Arlo Skye offers an unconditional lifetime guarantee covering functional defects, with straightforward replacement and repairs.


Rimowa Cabin Suitcase
Rimowa Cabin Suitcase

Some Rimowa cases come equipped with TSA-approved locks and a handy built-in GPS tracker in case your bag goes missing.

The limited manufacturer’s warranty only lasts 5 years.

You must pay extra for Rimowa’s Care Program to extend coverage up to 10 years.

The Winner: Draw

For pure anti-theft security, Rimowa wins out with available smart locks and GPS locator integration.

But Arlo Skye provides outstanding unconditional protection against defects or damage. The lifetime guarantee far outlasts Rimowa’s average warranty coverage.

For most travelers, damage and defect worries exceed lost bag concerns—making both brands strong on security assurances.

Pricing and Value Comparison

With similar quality and specs, the most significant purchasing factor becomes the pricing and overall value you get:

Arlo Skye

inside view of Arlo Skye Luggage
Arlo Skye Luggage

For the features and materials provided, Arlo Skye’s price tags are impressively affordable in the premium category.

The Signature carry-on retails at only $375 full price. Sales can bring that price down 25% or more at times.

At these rates, Arlo Skye easily beats out other polycarbonate brands.

And the metal editions offer amazing bang for your buck versus luxury aluminum competitors like Rimowa.


There’s no getting around the fact that Rimowa cases are expensive—but the prestige of the brand contributes to that markup. The Classic Flight polycarbonate carry-on starts at a staggering $1,100 MSRP.

Buying directly from Rimowa also rarely includes discounts or deals. You’re paying purely for German-engineered quality and brand reputation.

The Winner: Arlo Skye

Considering near-equivalent construction and materials, Arlo Skye absolutely delivers far better value and bang for your buck compared to pricy Rimowa luggage.

Unless Rimowa’s iconic look and luxury status holds personal appeal, Arlo Skye gets you 90% of that quality at a fraction of the total expenditure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For quick guidance deciding between Arlo Skye and Rimowa, here are direct answers to some common key questions:

Is Arlo Skye worth it?

With outstanding reviews from travel pros, unconditional lifetime guarantees, space-age materials that rival the biggest players, and prices hundreds less than similar models, Arlo Sky is absolutely worth investing in for the quality.

Is Rimowa considered luxury?

Yes, Rimowa first gained prestige crafting luggage from aircraft metals in the 1930s-1950s. Today the brand continues commanding luxury pricing power through impeccable design, engineering, and status.

Does Rimowa damage easily?

No – the polycarbonate and aluminum shells are made to be ultra impact-resistant. Only deliberate blunt force would severely damage a Rimowa case’s exterior or frame. They also resist weathering from poor storage conditions over time through meticulous insulating and sealing.

What is the best suitcase in the world?

Rimowa and Arlo Skye both have stellar arguments for world’s best suitcase branding:
1. Rimowa has the history, brand prestige, and premium quality to satisfy the most discerning luxury travelers.
2. Arlo Skye matches impressive tier-one construction and materials with outstanding pricing and guarantees that defy the high-end market.
Either could claim the elusive title of “world’s best suitcase”—choose based on your budget and desired combination of style, durability, and brand reputation.

The Final Verdict

After comparing all the vital factors side-by-side, Arlo Skye emerges as the best value choice for most shoppers.

The lifetime guarantee, adventurous brand ethos, high-end materials meeting weight savings, and excellent maneuverability match 80-90% of Rimowa’s offering at a fraction of the price.

However, Rimowa remains the pinnacle of luxury luggage prestige. For shoppers who prioritize history, brand reputation, and having an iconic travel statement piece, Rimowa still warrants the premium cost.

Ultimately, you can confidently invest in either brand knowing your belongings are protected in transit. Choose Arlo Skye to get significantly more bang for your buck—or Rimowa to prioritize history and name recognition with pricing no concern.

Safe travels with your exciting new luggage!

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