Rimowa Cabin Vs. Cabin Plus Suitcase (2024)

In the market to buy a new suitcase for your next travel? If your search has ended up at Rimowa, you are at a brand that makes high-quality suitcases for long-traveling needs.

These excellent quality Cabins or Suitcases can carry more stuff, leaving no complaints. However, confusion can be found between Rimowa Cabin and Cabin Plus when we are looking for a specific cabin at this brand.

Cabin plus is larger, has more weight, and is reasonably designed to carry more luggage for a person. On the other hand, the Cabin or Cabin S is smaller in size, has less weight, and carries less stuff on travels.

Since both cabins are the same brand, the warranty is the same. However, Cabin Plus is more expensive than a simple or smaller Cabin!

A Brief Comparison Table

Below, you can find easy differences between these two products from the same brand, and you’ll get to know which one you should choose for your next traveling needs.

CharacteristicsRimowa CabinRimowa Cabin Plus
Colors availabilityMore is available in multiple colorsLess is available only in 3 colors
Outside MaterialPolycarbonateAluminium
Inside MaterialPolyesterPolyester
WarrantyLifetime Guarantee from the brandLifetime Guarantee from the brand
Weight3.2 Kg4.7 Kg
Size and Dimensions55 x 39 x 23 cm57 x 44 x 25.5 cm

Key Differences Between Rimowa Cabin And Cabin Plus Suitcase

It’s difficult to decide unless you don’t go in-depth to know the basic differences between these two products. That’s why I am here to help you.

At the same time, the latter product is designed for people looking for a reasonable size suitcase to carry more luggage.

Hence, one can easily tell the reasons to buy either suitcase based on the size difference.

  • Colors Availability
Rimowa Cabin Suitcase
Rimowa Cabin Suitcase

Some of us try to become more aesthetic and prefer a suitcase’s color over its size, dimensions, or capacity.

That’s why, if you are considering going for an appealing suitcase color from the Rimowa brand, the Cabin comes in a great collection of colors.

You can choose easily and pick the one that you like the most.

Compared to that, only 3 colors are offered by the brand with their Cabin Plus Suitcase.

It means the color choice with this Cabin will be limited.

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  • Durability

Since the out surface of Rimowa Cabin is made from Polycarbonate plastic, it might not be as durable as aluminum.

Therefore, we can easily say that the Cabin Plus suitcase is more durable than Simple Rimowa Cabin because it has Aluminum Construction on the outer side.

So, one can easily judge which one to choose based on this durability feature.

  • Weight

Weight is another factor you must consider while spending your money on a suitcase. It is because we sometimes don’t want heavy-duty suitcases that have their own significant weight.

And when you add stuff in them, they become difficult to carry even if an elegant wheel system is installed.

In that case, if you think you need a more portable Suitcase, Cabin is the one for you. It comes with a 3.7 Kg weight only, which is much less than the 4.7 kg weight of Cabin Plus.

But of course, the weight of Cabin Plus will be more because it is designed to have more capacity and carry more stuff on the go!

  • Outside Material

Again, there is a difference between the material used on the outer construction of each suitcase. It determines how durable each one could be when you have it for your own usage.

Coming the point, the Cabin Plus Suitcase has aluminum used as an outside material. It is more durable and of better quality than any ordinary polycarbonate material.

But even if the Rimowa cabin is made with Polycarbonate, which is different from Cabin Plus, it still goes well reasonably.

  • Inside Material

It doesn’t matter if the outside material construction of both Cabins is different; the inside material usage is similar.

Rimowa has used high-quality polyester inside both cabins, which means there is no difference to talk about.

  • Warranty

Another similarity can be found between both cabins when it comes to the warranty of each Cabin.

Whether you buy the Cabin or Cabin Plus, they come with the same limited lifetime warranty since they belong to the same brand.

One can check the Official Rimowa website to get more information about the warranty of both products.

  • Pricing:

Cabin Plus is a little more expensive suitcase from the brand than the Simple Cabin.

It is because the suitcase is designed to have more capacity, comes with better construction and durability, and stays for a longer period.

On the other hand, a cabin is cheaper because it can only contain a small quantity of clothing or packing stuff when preparing for your next trip.

  • Size and Dimensions

Before we proceed, let’s compare both suitcases’ exact sizes and dimensions.

From the table, it can be seen that the Rimowa Cabin is smaller and Cabin Plus is larger. It means the former product is designed for people who want to carry less luggage while going on a flight.

  • Which Is More Purchased?
Rimowa Cabin Plus Suitcase
Rimowa Cabin Plus Suitcase

From the customer’s point of view, we can also judge which Cabin is more purchased and famous among travelers.

It can be seen that people prefer a Suitcase that comes with more capacity than one which has less.

In that regard, Cabin Plus Suitcase has a high number of buyers than the simple Rimowa Cabin.

It means you can find Cabin Plus more appreciated in the market because of its reasonable size.

Conversely, only a few buyers are interested in buying Cabins with a small size or less capacity.

It is because such a Cabin cannot hold more luggage.

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Which One Is For The Next Travel?

The final selection of a Cabin from this brand totally depends on what you are looking for.

It is like, if you need a cabin with more capacity just because you have to carry more stuff while traveling, the Cabin Plus is a great choice.

But ultimately, it will cost you more bucks. On the other hand, if you are not looking for an extensive-size cabin and still want to carry a good amount of clothing stuff, the Rimowa Cabin is a perfect choice.

It comes at a lower price and carries less weight, making it more portable. Yet, it is not as durable as Cabin Plus. Hence, the selection is all yours.

Final Thoughts

Concluding my thoughts on the comparison between Rimowa Cabin Vs. Cabin Plus Suitcase, I’d love to recommend Cabin Plus because of its extra durability, capacity, and other features.

However, you will be limited on the color selection with this Cabin.

If that is not a problem, then Cabin Plus is a great choice. However, if you need anything else, you can explore their website and look for more reasonable, perfectly sized, and heavy-duty suitcases.

I won’t stop you from exploring and then making a good decision. That’s all yours!

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