Why Is Priority Tire So Cheap? – A Closer Look!

In the market for new tires? If you’ve done any browsing online lately, you may have spotted some shockingly cheap tire prices from Priority Tire and wondered, “What’s the catch?”

As one of the leading discount online tire retailers, Priority Tire manages to list major brand name tires at prices that seem almost too good to be true. What’s their secret? How do they offer such deep discounts on quality rubber?

Reasons For Priority Tire Being So Cheap

  • Higher Sales Volume Equals Better Bulk Pricing
Priority Tire

As one of the highest volume independent tire dealers nationwide, Priority Tire purchases truckloads of tires directly from top manufacturers like Goodyear, Michelin, Bridgestone, and more.

By buying tires literally by the tractor trailer load, they have tremendous leverage to get the best possible wholesale pricing.

Selling online allows them to move high volumes of tires across the country without limitations on warehouse space or shelf capacity.

They simply purchase more bulk inventory at deeper discounts and pass those dramatic savings directly to you.

Thanks to their mega wholesale buying power, your cost per tire is tremendously reduced.

  • Lean and Mean Operation Reduces Overhead

Rather than investing money in fancy lobby showrooms and retail footprint, Priority Tire pours their resources into buying inventory. As an online-only seller, they save big time on real estate overhead running a lean and mean warehousing operation.

Without the burden of running physical retail locations across the country, they redirect cost savings into obtaining deep discount bulk rates that beat out the competition both online and traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

Shopping online provides you both convenience and savings simultaneously.

  • Limited Selection Maximizes High Sales

One way Priority Tire optimizes their purchasing is by keeping their product selection tight and targeted. Rather than trying to offer every make and model tire on the planet, they strategically curate their inventory around the best selling options consumers want most.

You get tremendous choice when it comes to staple passenger vehicle tire needs from leading manufacturers. However, unusual specialty tire types for rare vehicles may need to be sourced elsewhere.

Priority Tire uses their purchasing power to hand select quality tires they can sell in high quantities rather than trying to cover every obscure outlier. Maximum sales volume on key models equals lower costs for you.

  • Third Party Sellers Increase Inventory
Priority Tire Store

In addition to directly buying from all major tire suppliers, Priority Tire also operates an online Marketplace allowing third party sellers to list tires at discounted rates.

This creates a win-win scenario.

Independent tire shops and distributors have an outlet to sell overstock items in bulk rather than letting assets sit.

In exchange, Priority Tire earns money facilitating these exchanges and provides you more options.

These independent sellers offer Priority Tire increased options for high-demand sizes that temporarily sell out from main inventories. Take advantage of this deeper inventory made possible through their unique marketplace ecosystem.

More tire choices and niche models means more ways to save for savvy shoppers.

  • DIY Focused

Installing tires yourself or having them installed professionally are both great options. However Priority Tire aims to provide maximum savings for the growing Do-It-Yourself auto service market.

Rather than operating install bays at their own service centers, they pass installation savings directly down to you the consumer. For those with capability and tools to handle swapping out their vehicles’ tires, why pay unnecessary fees?

Priority Tire caters to this self-reliant market by making tires ultra affordable while letting customers choose their preferred installation option separately.

Quality Assurance Still Paramount

Even with basement level pricing, quality and safety are never compromised. All major tire brands sold by Priority like Michelin, Goodyear, BFGoodrich, Cooper and more adhere to rigorous quality control and testing standards before ever leaving factories. Their tier pricing just allows very affordable consumer access to this proven high grade rubber.

You still get manufacturer backed assurances like tread life warranties or mileage guarantees. While Priority keeps service interactions to a minimum to prevent overhead bloat, their actual products are held to same quality checks and balances that premium retailers enforce. Pay less but still drive safer on brand name tires vetted for safety and endurance. Reputations of major manufacturers like Bridgestone, Firestone and Kumho are never risked just to make cheap tires.

How They Provide Such Affordable Prices:

  • Massive bulk tire purchases at dramatic discounts
  • No costly retail footprint as online seller
  • Focus purchasing on best selling items
  • Third party marketplace increases supply
  • DIY installation avoids service labor fees
  • Brand quality never compromised for discounts

Shopping Experience and Expectations

Clearly Priority Tire is all about driving prices into the ground by running a lean revenue machine focused strictly on moving inventory. This does impact certain elements of the shopping experience compared to other sellers.

You won’t necessarily receive white glove concierge treatment or hand holding guidance on the perfect tire for your needs. However their stripped down model allows you unprecedented savings – it’s essentially an affordable tradeoff.

The purchasing experience itself is still robust and functional checking all the boxes:

  • Easily research tires by entering vehicle make, model and year
  • Filter by categories like tire type, brand preferences, best sellers
  • View pricing per tire with shipping costs shown upfront
  • Select installation package or ship to your location for DIY
  • Safe encrypted checkout plus warranties for peace of mind

While chat agents may not provide personalized consultation, their site offers plenty of self service research tools and an extensive FAQ knowledge base to answer common tire questions as you shop.

Expect a smooth purchase experience albeit with limited human interaction.

For hands-off consumers focused strictly on scoring the best deals, Priority Tire delivers an efficient system to buy tires easily at the lowest costs. Just know their priority is speedy sales at high volumes rather than pampering every individual tire kicker.

Priority Tire Shopping Considerations

Before adding those ultra cheap tires to your cart, here are helpful things to keep in mind:

Priority Tire
  • Brand Satisfaction Guarantees Still Apply – If you receive a faulty Michelin or defective BFGoodrich tire for example, standard manufacturer warranties still protect you the same as if buying from a premium retailer. Reach out to their support team immediately with any product quality issues post-purchase.
  • No Fancy Upsells or Add-Ons – Priority sticks to selling tires at cost with limited pit crew services. Don’t expect free tire rotations, hubcap cleaning or vehicle inspection reports. DIYers just needing rubber can skip the frills.
  • Check Return & Cancellation Policies – Know the time limits and restocking fees that apply before confirming orders. While steeply discounted, tires are a more complex retail category when needing to send items back or swap for replacements.
  • Responsibility Falls on You – With great pricing comes greater ownership as the buyer to verify details like accurate tire sizes for your vehicle before purchase as well as coordinating installs post-purchase. Priority provides discounted tires affordably but the rest is basically self-service.

As you can see, Priority Tire checks all the boxes as a reputable seller of brand name tires backed by satisfaction guarantees and warranties.

They offer buyers an efficient way to save big through online ordering and discounted DIY-focused fulfillment.

While service interactions are limited to keep prices ridiculously affordable, you still get authentic quality tires direct from leading makers.

Common Priority Tire Questions (FAQ)

Still unsure if Priority Tire’s too good to be true prices are the real deal? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions when evaluating this discount seller:

How quickly do tires ship from Priority Tire?

Most customers receive tires within 2-5 days of ordering via free economy surface shipping. Upgraded expedited delivery as fast as next day is available for an additional fee calculated at checkout. Fulfillment centers nationwide allow quick processing.

What payment options are available?

Priority Tire accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, and buy now pay later financing through Affirm and Klarna. No cash on delivery or direct invoicing terms are supported however.

Is Priority Tire an authorized tire dealer?

Yes, as one of the largest independent tire retailers in the US, Priority holds authorized seller agreements with all major tire brands they list, backed by satisfaction guarantees.

Does Priority Tire offer installation services?

While they don’t operate own auto shops, you can add affordable tire installation using their network of 10,000+ local mechanic shops and franchises during checkout. DIY is also encouraged.

Can I return tires to Priority Tire after installation?

Yes, even mounted tires can be returned within 30 days under their standard return policy, subject to restocking fees and evaluation upon receipt.

How are warranties handled on these discount tires?

Standard manufacturer defects material/workmanship warranties still apply on all major brands sold by Priority to protect from early failures, so reach out to support promptly for any issues.

The Bottom Line on Priority Tire’s Low Prices

The bottom line is that Priority Tire pulls out all stops internally to offer customers the cheapest prices possible on quality tires. They operate with ruthless efficiency to keep costs lean and pour those savings into discounted pricing.

While the shopping experience puts emphasis on convenience and affordability over personalized service and hand holding, you trade slightly higher effort on the user end for seriously low prices.

For savvy shoppers purely cost conscious and less concerned with treatment frills, Priority Tire delivers ultra cheap tires quickly to your door.

At the end of the day, Priority earns customer loyalty through sheer value pricing power. For DIY-confident buyers after branded tires without budget busting bills, this efficient discount seller truly makes quality rubber affordable again!

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