Why Are Wildflower Phone Cases So Expensive? – A Deeper Look!

Wildflower phone cases have become hugely popular in recent years, particularly among celebrities and influencers. These cute and quirky cases feature fun designs like glitter, rainbows, smiley faces, and 3D elements.

But with prices ranging from $35 to $75 per case, many wonder – why are Wildflower cases so expensive?

Reasons For Wildflower Phone Cases Being So Expensive

Here is a list of those reasons:

  • The Brand Name Adds Value
  • They Use High Quality Materials
  • Limited Edition & Exclusive Designs
  • Hand Assembled Products
  • Charitable Initiatives
  • Influencer & Celebrity Endorsements
  • Customization Options
  • Fun, Playful Designs
  • Carefully Designed by Artists
  • Builds Brand Loyalty
  • Made in Small Batches

Let’s analyze those reasons in detail.

  • The Brand Name Adds Value
Wildflower Case

One of the main reasons Wildflower cases cost more is due to the brand name and reputation.

Wildflower is an LA-based company founded in 2012 by couple Sydney and Devon Carlson.

The brand has gained major popularity through its whimsical designs and creative collaborations with major names like Disney, Casetify, and Revolve.

Wildflower has secured its spot as a trendy and coveted phone accessory brand.

So buyers are not just paying for the physical case but also the brand name and status associated with owning a Wildflower case.

The signature white boxes they arrive in have become instantly recognizable. Unboxing a new Wildflower case has become an experience people love to share on social media.

  • They Use High Quality Materials

Wildflower phone cases are made from high quality durable materials like silicone, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), aluminum, and real crushed glitter.

The glitter cases contain 3D pressed glitter securely encased between layers of TPU material. This unique layered design prevents glitter shedding or falling off the case.

The silicone cases feel luxuriously soft and provide great grip. The hard shells like aluminum, TPU, and plastic feel solid and sturdy. Materials like these provide better protection and feel more premium than cheaper plastic cases.

Quality materials mean the cases will last longer without breaking or wearing out. They maintain their condition well with daily use compared to low cost cases. Wildflower’s durable construction ensures customers are getting their money’s worth.

  • Limited Edition & Exclusive Designs

Wildflower is constantly releasing new limited edition collections and exclusive designer collaborations. They only produce small batches of each design. Once they sell out, the cases often don’t come back.

This scarcity makes the cases feel more special and coveted. People rush to order the cases they like before stock runs out. Limited availability also drives up resale value, with some cases selling for hundreds on secondary markets.

On Wildflower’s website, they display “sold out” badges on unavailable cases to highlight the exclusivity. Their limited drops and capsule collections mimic the hype culture of Supreme and other streetwear brands.

  • Hand Assembled Products
Wildflower iPhone Case

What also makes Wildflower cases special is that each one is hand assembled in their LA headquarters.

From sticking on the glitter to attaching phone case straps, every step is done meticulously by hand.

This hands-on process allows more customization and quality control compared to mass assembly line production.

Small inconsistencies and quirks in the design reflect the human element.

Hand assembly requires more time, effort, and skilled labor.

These factors contribute to the higher production costs passed onto the customer. But it results in cases that feel like a work of art with the personal touch expected from a premium brand.

  • Charitable Initiatives

Wildflower has made giving back a core part of their brand DNA. They support various arts education and environmental sustainability initiatives.

Some proceeds from their sales go towards organizations like CreateNow, which provides arts programs for underserved youth. They also partner with Environment Media Association and 1% For The Planet to help protect the environment.

This focus on corporate social responsibility resonates with Wildflower’s customers. It makes them feel like buying a $60 phone case also contributes towards a good cause. This gives the brand more emotional value.

  • Influencer & Celebrity Endorsements

Wildflower cases are frequently endorsed on social media by major influencers, models, and celebrities. Users like Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez, and Madison Beer have posted photos posing with their Wildflower cases.

The founders, Sydney and Devon Carlson, are minor celebrities themselves with over 1.5 million Instagram followers combined. They epitomize the LA cool girl vibe and give the brand extra clout.

These endorsements offer the cases cultural cachet and social currency. Owning the same phone case as a celebrity creates a sense of connection and status for fans. The influencer associations make the cases seem more aspirational and justified at higher price points.

  • Customization Options

Wildflower allows customers to customize some phone case styles with names, monograms, and short texts printed on the case. For example, you can get your child’s name printed on the back of a GlitterSmile Case.

The customization options give customers a way to make an already trendy case feel even more personal. The cases also make great gifts for birthdays, graduations, and other occasions.

Since no two customized cases are exactly alike, it makes each one feel more special and worth the premium price. Custom cases also can’t be resold since they were made just for you or your gift recipient.

  • Fun, Playful Designs

Ultimately, the playful and feel-good aesthetic of Wildflower cases resonates with customers. The explosion of rainbows, butterflies, and smiley faces taps into our inner child.

The cases evoke carefree vibes of summer camp arts and crafts. Who wouldn’t want to bring some whimsy and sparkle to their plain smartphone?

The cutesy designs and themes set Wildflower apart from the simpler styles of most basic cases. Owning a conversation starter case that makes you smile can feel priceless.

Wildflower’s cases also photograph beautifully for social media posts. Their uplifting vibes shine through in photos and videos online. The cases were made for the Instagram generation – bringing the same optimism and cheer of a Lisa Frank folder from the 90’s.

So Wildflower phone cases cost more for all the reasons we love the brand – exclusive LA coolness, celebrity status, limited editions, and spreading positivity. Ultimately, the joy sparked by Wildflower’s unique case designs is worth the investment for fans.

  • Carefully Designed by Artists
Wildflower iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

Wildflower phone cases are designed in-house by their creative team of artists and designers based in LA.

They draw inspiration from Southern California’s relaxed yet stylish beach culture.

The designers carefully craft each case, paying close attention to every detail like glitter placement, button shapes, and strap styles.

Unlike mass-produced accessories, every element of Wildflower cases is thoughtfully considered to capture the brand’s playful, youthful aesthetic.

Custom illustrations and calligraphy logos are created to adorn the cases. The artistic process results in uniquely cute and whimsical products.

Producing artist-quality designs requires more time and skill. But it gives each case an artisanal, handmade feel that looks and feels special. Customers are paying for clever creativity baked into every case – not just a plastic shell.

  • Builds Brand Loyalty

Wildflower has cultivated a devoted fanbase obsessed with collecting their cases. Once someone buys their first case, they often return for more. Collecting multiple cases from limited capsule collections becomes addicting.

Fans love seeing the cases piled together in rainbow order for Instagram pics. The cases become interchangeable #OOTD accessories to mix and match different vibes.

Loyal customers eagerly await new case drops and limited editions. Wildflower taps into the hype culture of Supreme and other brands where people obsess over their favorites. This cult following allows them to keep pricing higher because fans will pay more to rep their beloved brand.

  • Made in Small Batches

To preserve quality control and exclusivity, Wildflower only produces their phone cases in small batches. They don’t mass produce huge amounts of each case to meet as much demand as possible.

Carefully controlling the supply builds hype around new case drops. It also ensures no shortcuts are taken in assembly line production that could lower standards. Cases often sell out quickly, which increases perceived value and collectibility.

Small batch production avoids overstock and waste. But it requires more resources per case given the smaller output. These increased costs get passed along to the consumer. But fans are willing to pay more knowing their case is limited edition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why are Wildflower Cases popular?

Wildflower cases are popular because of their fun, colorful designs, celebrity/influencer endorsements, limited edition collections, and reputation as a cool, coveted LA brand. The playful aesthetic and feel-good vibes make them very Instagrammable.

Do Wildflower Cases have good protection?

Yes, Wildflower cases use quality durable materials like silicone, aluminum, TPU, and plastic to protect phones from scratches and drops. Their durable hybrid construction provides better protection than basic cheap cases.

What celebrities are using Wildflower Cases?

Many top celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez, Madison Beer, Hailey Bieber, and the D’Amelio sisters have been spotted with Wildflower cases. The company founders Sydney and Devon Carlson are influencers themselves.

How much is Wildflower Cases worth?

Most Wildflower cases cost $35 to $75 USD direct from their website. Limited collections and sold-out cases can resell for much higher – sometimes upwards of $300+ on secondhand sites due to their exclusivity and collectibility. Their high-end brand image makes them sought after.

Wrapping Up

Wildflower phone cases have skyrocketed to popularity in recent years for their joyful designs, clever collaborations, celebrity/influencer ties, and reputation as a coveted lifestyle brand. Customers are drawn to the creativity and positivity of the cases – which spark smiles and spread cheer.

Given Wildflower’s premium materials, hand assembly, and production limitations – higher prices help elevate them into a top tier accessory. Their focus on quality and responsible business practices also attracts buyers who value ethics.

Ultimately, Wildflower’s unique ability to combine artsy LA cool with feel-good vibes makes the cases worth the investment for many mobile users.

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