Subaru Mud Flaps Vs. Splash Guards: In-depth Differences

Both Subaru Mud Flaps and Splash Guards have earned an enormous reputation in the current market. However, both products differ regarding materials and flexibility.

A good mudflap will protect your vehicle’s tire and lower parts from dirt, mud, and grease. Subaru Mud Flaps and Splash Guards offer some lucrative mudflaps with premium materials and features.

Here is a comparison chart table highlighting the specifications of Subaru Mud Flaps and Splash Guards.

Quick Comparison Chart 

Specifications Splash Guards Subaru Mud Flaps
Materials Urethane Polymer Blend
Durability Highly Durable Low Durability 
Flexibility Flexible Rigid
FinishingGlossy Matte 
Price $150 to $170 $100 to $120 

Key Differences Between Subaru Mud Flaps And Splash Guards

You got a brief idea about the specifications of Subaru Mud Flaps and Splash Guards. It’s time to identify the key features of the two products.

  • Materials
Subaru Mud Flaps
Subaru Mud Flaps

The materials and components ensure the product’s quality and longevity.

Urethane, polymer blend, and plastic are the primary materials of Subaru Mud Flaps and Splash Guards.  

Splash Guards consist of Urethane components and plastic layers.

The materials provide a solid framework for the mudflaps and keep the product fit in extreme weather conditions.

Meanwhile, Subaru Mud Flaps mudflaps contain polymer and plastic materials. Even though the plastic coat protects the mudflap, it is vulnerable in extreme conditions. 

Therefore, Splash Guards consist of better materials and a solid framework than Subaru Mud Flaps mudflaps. 

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  • Durability 

The previous segment proves that Splash Guards have better durability and endurance capability than Subaru Mud Flaps.  

Splash Guards feature robust Urethane and plastic materials that protect the gears from wear, tear, and scratches. Moreover, you can easily clean the product and consume less maintenance time. 

In addition, the polished corners and outlet layer of Splash Guards are invincible to severe abrasions and extreme conditions. Overall, Splash Guards tick all the boxes of the durability tests. 

Subaru Mud Flaps mudflaps, on the other hand, feature standard materials that fail to ensure the product’s longevity. The products are also vulnerable to abrasions and harsh conditions. 

Therefore, you should go for Splash Guards to enjoy a long-lasting service. 

  • Flexibility 

A flexible mudflap will protect the tires from all squares and distances. Consequently, it is essential to acknowledge the flexibility of a mudflap before purchasing.

Splash Guards are highly flexible due to their excellent components. The polyurethane construction ensures the mudflap quickly swipes away mud and dust from the tires. 

As a result, dust, grease, and dirt don’t stick to the tires and bottom layer of the cars. 

Subaru Mud Flaps are comparatively rigid and solid. Hence, the Subaru Mud Flaps will stick solidly to the ground and ensure a straight cleaning rather than an all-around performance. 

If you wish to purchase a flexible and durable mudflap, you should go for Subaru Mud Flaps mudflaps. 

  • Finishing 

A clean and smooth finish ensures the sharp edges and corners of a mudflap. As a result, dirt and mud don’t stick to the mudflaps and fade away while your vehicle is on the go. 

Regarding clean finish, Splash Guards leads the chart against the top brands. The Splash Guards have a glossy finish, and the logo is stamped on the product. 

In contrast, Subaru Mud Flaps have a matte touch that ensures the stability of the product. Moreover, the fine finish is complimented by an elegant vinyl logo. 

  • Fit Type 
Subaru  Splash Guards
Subaru Splash Guards

The “Fit Type” features determine whether the bike kits are suitable for all conditions.

You must purchase the best mudflaps that fit behind any car model. 

Both Splash Guards and Subaru Mud Flaps are universally fit. That means you can attach the mudflaps behind any car model. 

Moreover, Splash Guards have sustained under extreme conditions and ensured potential security. 

Therefore, Splash Guards are preferable products regarding the fit type features. 

  • Price 

Price is the final part of this discussion. When it comes to pricing, Splash Guards are more expensive than Subaru Mud Flaps. 

Splash Guards sells their product individually and in sets as well. Each of their product has a different price range. However, the maximum cost of the Splash Guards set is about $150 to $170.

However, the unique specifications and features justify the high price range of Splash Guards.

In contrast, Subaru Mud Flaps products cost less and come in an affordable price range. The total price of the all-in-one set will cost around $100 to $120. 

Therefore, if you are tight on budget, you can select Subaru Mud Flaps. Otherwise, you should go for Splash Guards for a better experience.

Which One Should You Pick?

Splash Guards dominate Subaru Mud Flaps in all segments of this discussion. Splash Guards combine quality service and excellent designs to produce top-notch products. 

In addition, Splash Guards provides various designs and layouts that will satisfy your demand. 

The vital elements of Splash Guards ensure a durable and high-endurance capability product. You will enjoy a long-lasting service and easy maintenance product from Splash Guards. 

However, the flexibility and smooth finishing feature separate Splash Guards from other brands. As a result, you can protect your tires and the bottom part of your vehicles from mud. 

Price is the only drawback of Splash Guards. If you can afford the price range, select the product for a top-class experience. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Which are better mud flaps or splash guards?

Mud flaps are best fit for small vehicles while Splash Guards fit well with trucks and heavy vehicles. 

Why do Subarus have mud flaps?

Subarus have mud flaps to protect the wheel and other exterior parts from mud, dust, and toxic elements. 

Do splash guards make a difference?

Yes. Splash Guard is a handy tool to protect heavy tires from dust and spoils. 

Is it worth putting mud flaps on a car?

A mud flap will ensure the sustainability and durability of your vehicle’s tires. 


Clearly, Splash Guards mudflaps triumph over Subaru Mud Flaps in this comparison of Subaru Mud Flaps and Splash Guards.

The combination of exceptional features and superior service make Splash Guards mudflaps unique. 

Moreover, Splash Guards mudflaps are highly durable and contain robust materials. Overall, the product will give you a hassle-free bike riding experience.

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