StrackaLine Vs. PuttView: An In-depth Comparison and Review

In the world of golf, StrackaLine and PuttView have emerged as two of the top tools for players seeking to elevate their games. Whether you’re a professional or an amateur, understanding the subtleties of each technology can give you a significant edge on the golf course.

However, choosing the right tool requires careful consideration of various factors, including ease of use, functionality, and reliability. This comprehensive review aims to shed light on these two golf technologies and help you make an informed decision.

A Brief Comparison Table

Primary PurposeCourse strategy and planningPutting practice
Key Offerings3D greens maps, yardage books, appAR putting, virtual practice, feedback
Usage ScenarioOn-course during rounds and tournamentsPractice greens and indoor facilities
AccessibilityWeb and mobile appRequires AR hardware
Real-time FeedbackNoYes
Requires Special EquipmentNoYes
Learning CurveModerateSteep due to AR technology
Legal for Tournament PlayYesNot applicable

What Is StrackaLine?


StrackaLine is a popular golf technology firm known for its precision 3D greens maps and professional yardage books.

The maps provide precise details, such as green undulations and contours, that can guide players’ strategy on the golf course.

StrackaLine’s detailed maps and books are used by professional players and golf courses worldwide.

In-depth Look into StrackaLine’s Key Features

  • High-resolution 3D Greens Maps

StrackaLine’s high-resolution 3D greens maps provide golfers with a precise understanding of the green’s layout. Created using professional-grade laser scanners, these maps offer a comprehensive representation of the green’s contours, elevations, and undulations.

Every minor bump and dip on the green is meticulously captured, providing golfers with an edge when planning their approach and putts.

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  • Professional Yardage Books

StrackaLine’s professional yardage books are another important tool in their arsenal. These books offer a hole-by-hole guide to the golf course, with detailed illustrations and measurements.

Distances to various hazards, fairways’ widths, and green depths are all included. Many professional golfers depend on these books to guide their shot selection and strategize during rounds.

  • Interactive App

The StrackaLine app consolidates the green maps and yardage books into a user-friendly mobile platform. Features such as GPS distance measurement and interactive hole views allow golfers to plan their shots efficiently.

The app also supports interactive green maps, letting users zoom in and out and rotate the green to understand its layout better.

What Is PuttView?


On the other side of the coin, PuttView is an advanced technology that uses augmented reality (AR) to enhance the golf practice experience.

With the use of smart glasses or a tablet, PuttView overlays visual information on the real-world environment, helping golfers visualize the line and speed of their putts.

Detailed Examination of PuttView’s Key Features

  • Augmented Reality Putting

PuttView’s augmented reality (AR) technology allows golfers to see the optimal line and speed for their putts. When viewed through smart glasses or a tablet, PuttView overlays the projected path of the ball onto the real world.

This feature allows golfers to get an accurate sense of where and how hard to hit the ball, enhancing their putting proficiency.

  • Virtual Practice Sessions

The ability to practice in a variety of conditions is one of PuttView’s standout features. Golfers can simulate different scenarios—like uphill, downhill, or breaking putts—and practice their shots accordingly.

This flexible practice environment enables golfers to be better prepared for different situations they may encounter on the course.

  • Immediate Feedback

With PuttView, golfers receive immediate feedback on their strokes. The system tracks the putt’s path and speed, showing golfers where their ball would have ended up.

This instant analysis allows golfers to adjust their technique on the spot, making their practice sessions more productive.

A Head-to-Head Comparison Between StrackaLine And PuttView

Comparing StrackaLine and PuttView is like comparing apples and oranges as each offers a unique value proposition.

  • Purpose and Functionality

StrackaLine’s primary purpose is to provide golfers with highly accurate green maps and yardage books, aiding strategic decision-making on the course. The accuracy and detail of these maps make them an excellent tool for professionals and serious amateurs.

PuttView, on the other hand, focuses on the practice aspect of golf, particularly putting. By overlaying data onto real-world environments, it enables golfers to visualize putts better, practice under different conditions, and fine-tune their techniques.

  • Usage Scenarios

StrackaLine is more suited for use on the golf course during tournaments and practice rounds. It’s a practical tool for strategy planning and shot selection.

PuttView is primarily a practice tool that works best in controlled environments, such as practice greens or indoor golf facilities. It’s ideal for improving putting skills and gaining a deeper understanding of the putting mechanics.

  • Accessibility and Ease of Use

Both StrackaLine and PuttView are user-friendly and accessible. StrackaLine offers both a web-based platform and a mobile app, while PuttView requires specific AR hardware but offers a more immersive experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who are StrackaLine competitors?

StrackaLine’s primary competitors include other golf technology firms like GolfLogix, Arccos Golf, and Game Golf. These companies offer different types of golf technology, including GPS-based apps, shot tracking systems, and digital yardage books.

Are StrackaLine books legal?

Yes, StrackaLine books are legal for tournament play. They comply with the USGA’s guidelines on green-reading materials.

What yardage books do PGA players use?

PGA players use various yardage books, but StrackaLine is a popular choice among many professionals due to its high accuracy and detail.

Final Thoughts

When choosing between StrackaLine and PuttView, consider your specific needs and preferences. If you’re looking for a strategic tool to use during rounds and tournaments, StrackaLine is the ideal choice.

However, if you’re aiming to enhance your practice sessions and improve your putting, PuttView offers a unique and immersive experience.

While the two technologies serve different purposes, they both aim to elevate your golf game. Ultimately, the choice between StrackaLine and PuttView boils down to what you value more— strategic planning with accurate green maps or hands-on, AR-enhanced practice.

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