RedHead Vs. Blue-Top Steering Box: Which One To Pick?

Steering boxes quite literally drive your ride. So a lot of people go for good aftermarket ones. RedHead and BlueTop are two popular steering box options.

RedHead is less durable, the steering can end up tight, and is pricier. BlueTop is more durable, has no steering issues post-install, and is affordable.

A sloppy steering box means you’ll have trouble controlling your ride. So they’re more important than you might think. RedHead and BlueTop both are popular options, but which one should you pick?

Here is a comparison to help you decide.

A Quick Summary of the Comparison

FeatureRedHead Steering BoxBlueTop Steering Box
BuildGood, steering can feel tightGood, smooth steering
DurabilityLess durable, can have multiple build issuesMore durable, fewer build issues
PricePricierMore affordable

And that’s the gist of the whole thing. Keep reading below for the detailed breakdown.

Key Differences Between RedHead And Blue-Top Steering Boxes

In all honesty, both steering boxes are great. RedHead has been around forever, and BlueTop is comparatively new but knows how to get things done. With how similar both boxes are, comparing them is a little tricky.

The biggest differences between RedHead and BlueTop are their build, durability, and price.

Let’s see how these factors work out in both brands.

  • Build
RedHead Steering Box
RedHead Steering Box

RedHead and BlueTop both have sturdy builds.

But the difference is in steering control.

RedHead steering box can make the steering feel tighter. BlueTop doesn’t have any issues like this.

One of the most common RedHead problems is the steering room.

The steering can feel tight to turn especially when stopped, which is a whole different issue than sloppy steering.

This can happen if your old pump is struggling to pump fluids through the system. The struggle actually happens when the new system is too tight.

One way to solve this is to rev your engines. According to RedHead, the tightness goes away after a while. But in case it doesn’t, you’ll need a new pump.

BlueTop is far better in this department. The new system adapts pretty smoothly and the steering stays smooth.

  • Durability

This is where the biggest difference between both brands shows. RedHead is sturdy but less durable than BlueTop. BlueTop has fewer issues and better output in the long run.

As sturdy as RedHead is, there are plenty of things that can be improved. RedHead steering boxes have a notorious tendency to leak from the top. Sometimes the leak starts right out of the box.

Plus the kit can’t take much shipping pressure either, a lot of times the kits show up damaged in some way.

Plus RedHead has more faulty part issues. Good thing is, the faulty part issues are usually solved pretty quickly.

BlueTop isn’t above having issues, but the steering boxes are much more durable overall. They survive the shipping pressure and all, plus the chance of it leaking is very small.

  • Price

The price for both brands depends on what platform you’re buying through. Regardless of that, RedHead is more expensive than BlueTop. RedHead usually goes for around $449 while the BlueTop kit goes for around $354.

This price is including the core and excludes shipping prices. If you’re buying them secondhand, the price will be lower but RedHead will still be more expensive than BlueTop.

Which Steering Box Should You Go For?

That’s a tricky question because it depends on lots of things. Both steering boxes are pretty solid and high-quality.

Blue-Top Steering Box
Blue-Top Steering Box

Everyone you ask will tell you one of them is superior but ultimately the popular opinion is almost evenly split.

So when you’re choosing a steering box, it is better to prioritize your own preference.

That means you should just go with whatever feels right to you.

That’s the easy route. But if you want an objective approach, make sure to do some serious pros and cons calculations.

Might sound hard but if you know what you want, you can figure out the best option for you easily.

If you’re willing to try your luck and don’t mind spending a little extra on gear, RedHead is a good option. They’ve been around for a long time and have a pretty solid reputation.

If you know how the industry works, you know reputation is hard to build unless you’re actually working for it. RedHead does exactly that, with their quality parts.

ReadHead steering boxes are pretty good and durable. Unless your luck ends up against you, you’ll get a good one and have no issues with it.

RedHead steering boxes are also pretty easy to set up. The steering itself can feel a little tight but that’s fixable.

But the problem is, RedHead isn’t very durable in the long run. They have more records of leaking and faulty part inclusion.

And if you’re rebuilding, you’ll realize their core recharge policy is also less than ideal.

If you’re looking for more affordable options and don’t want to take chance with your gear, BlueTop is the better choice for you. They’re more durable and have fewer build issues so it’s a winning deal.

Plus they’re more affordable so you won’t have to break the bank to get one.

The only problem with BlueTop is the shipping time, sometimes it can take a long while to arrive. Other than that, it’s a pretty well-rounded option.

Overall, BlueTop is the better option in this case. But if you want to take chances or are getting the steering box for a lower price somehow, RedHead is a really good option too.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some questions people usually ask about RedHead, BlueTop, and steering boxes in general.

What is RedHead vs blue head?

RedHead and Blue Head are two different types of engines.

Where are RedHead steering boxes made?

RedHead rebuilds their steering boxes in Seattle, USA. They’ve been in Seattle since 1981.

Should a steering box have play?

Yes, but a very small window of it. The acceptable amount of free play in steerings is about ¼ inches.

What is the steering gear box?

Steering gear box is something that transmits the driver’s inputs (coming from the steering wheel) to the linkage that controls the wheels.

Final Verdict

Steering boxes are hard to get right. So it is better to know what you’re getting before you get yourself a steering box.

As for the RedHead and Blue-Top steering box discourse, the winner will honestly depend on your personal preference. But if you want an objective answer, BlueTop is the better option between them.

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