Ram Warlock Vs. Rebel Trucks (2024): An In-depth Comparison

One of the most popular truck manufacturers in the world is Ram. Among the many trucks it sells, two that are very popular are the Ram 1500 Classic Warlock and the 1500 Rebel.

The main difference between the trucks lies in their engine type. But other than that, there are some other differences as well.

A Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationRam Warlock TruckRam Rebel Truck
Truck Engine TypeGas engineMild hybrid engine
Truck Transmission8-speed shiftable automatic8-speed shiftable automatic
Truck Drive TypeRear wheel driveRear wheel drive
Cylinders In EngineV6 engineV6 engine
Total Number of Seats In The TruckCan seat six peopleCan seat five people
Fuel Type of The TruckRegular unleaded fuelRegular unleaded fuel
Total Fuel Tank Capacity26 gallons26 gallons
EPA Combined MPG of The Truck20 MPG22 MPG

In-depth Comparison Between Ram Warlock And Rebel Trucks

After going through the comparison table, you should have a pretty good idea about all the characteristics and differences between the two different Ram trucks.

Now, let’s go a bit more in-depth into the characteristics of the trucks and really break down and analyze each different characteristic of the Ram Warlock and the Ram Rebel separately.

  • Type of Engine of Each Truck
Ram Warlock Truck
Ram Warlock Truck

The main and most important way the Ram Warlock and the Ram Rebel differ from each other lies in the type of engine they possess.

The Ram Warlock has a traditional gas engine.

This means that the vehicle runs on gas and whenever it runs empty, it needs to be refilled.

On the other hand, Ram Rebel possesses a mild hybrid engine.

Vehicles with a mild hybrid engine are also known as power-assist hybrids, battery-assisted hybrid vehicles, or BAHVs.

In general, mild hybrid vehicles possess a combination of a traditional gas engine and are also equipped with an electric machine.

This combination allows the engine to be turned off whenever the car is coasting, braking, or stopped, and then quickly restarted again once power is required.

The main advantage of a car with a mild hybrid engine like the Ram Rebel is that it is not quite as fuel or gas-starved as a car with a regular gas engine such as the Ram Warlock.

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  • Transmission of Each Truck

When we compare the transmissions of both the Ram Warlock and the Ram Rebel, we see no difference at all.

Both trucks have an 8-speed shiftable automatic gearbox. This makes the truck fairly powerful while also being easily operatable.

  • Drive Type of Each Truck

An important factor to consider before purchasing a truck is its drive type. Since trucks are often used to drive in rough places or off-road, it is essential that it has the right drive type.

Both the Ram Warlock and the Ram Rebel are rear-wheel drive trucks.

While they may not have the performance capabilities of a car with four-wheel drive, they are still fairly capable of handling rough roads.

  • Number of Cylinders In The Engine of Each Truck

Both the Ram Warlock and the Ram Rebel have V6 engines, meaning they have 6 cylinders in their engines.

So, in this regard, they do not differ from each other, rather they are the exact same.

  • Fuel Type Required By Each Truck

As has been mentioned before, the Warlock and Rebel have very different engines. However, if we talk about the type of fuel required by both trucks, they are the same.

Both the Ram Warlock and the Ram Rebel require regular unleaded fuel for their engines.

  • Total Fuel Tank Capacity of Each Truck

When comparing the total fuel tank capacity of each truck, they are once again the same.

Both the Ram Warlock and the Ram Rebel have total fuel tank capacities of 26 gallons.

  • EPA Combined MPG of Each Truck

The MPG of a truck means the miles per gallon of a truck. Essentially, how many miles a truck can cover per gallon of fuel in its tank. This is a very important factor as it determines the overall mileage of the vehicle.

The Ram Warlock has an estimated MPG of 20. Compared to that, the Ram Rebel has a slightly higher 22 MPG.

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  • Total Number of Seats In Each Truck
Ram Rebel Truck
Ram Rebel Truck

The seating capacity is an important characteristic to consider when buying any sort of vehicle.

Trucks especially, since they are much larger than most vehicles, are also capable of seating more people.

The Ram Warlock can seat a total of 6 people.

On the other hand, the Ram Rebel can seat a maximum of 5 people.

So, in this regard, the Ram Warlock outperforms the Rebel.

  • Total Horsepower Produced By The Engine of Each Truck

The more horsepower an engine produces, the more powerful it is. In this case, both trucks are equally powerful.

Both the Ram Warlock and the Ram Rebel can produce horsepower of 305 hp at 6,400 rpm from their engines.

  • Max Towing Capacity of Each Truck

Trucks are often used to tow heavy loads behind them. So, the greater its towing capacity, the better.

The Ram Warlock has a maximum towing capacity of 10,460 lbs. On the other hand, the Ram Rebel has a significantly greater max towing capacity of 11,500 lbs.

  • Max Payload Capacity of Each Truck

The difference between payload and towing capacity is that payload refers to how much a vehicle can carry versus how much it can pull as its towing capacity.

The Ram Warlock has a max payload capacity of 1,880 lbs. and the Ram Rebel has a payload capacity of 1,800 lbs.

  • Dimensions of Each Truck

The Ram Warlock has dimensions of 229 inches x 79.4 inches x 77.2 inches. On the other hand, the Ram Rebel has dimensions of 232.9 inches x 82.1 inches x 77.5 inches.

From the dimensions, it is clear that the Ram Rebel is quite a bit larger than the Warlock.

  • Total Weight of Each Truck

Since the Rebel is bigger than the Warlock, it is also heavier.

The Ram Rebel weighs in at 6,900 lbs. while the Ram Warlock weighs 6,800 lbs.

  • Total Price of Each Truck

The Ram Warlock has a price tag of $36,745. Compared to that, the Ram Rebel has a significantly higher price tag of $46,120 which is almost $1,000 more than the Warlock.

Which Ram Truck Should You Choose?

Trucks are a very popular vehicle choice in many places in the world. Even though they do not have good mileage and the ride can sometimes be bumpy.

Despite all that, the durability, toughness, and sturdiness of a truck more than make up for it.

We now come to the ultimate question that most of you were seeking the answer to from this article. Which Ram truck should you choose to purchase?

The answer to that question depends entirely on your needs and preferences.

The Ram Rebel has a mild hybrid engine compared to a regular gas engine. Along with that, it has a higher MPG and a much greater towing capacity. It is also larger and an overall tougher vehicle.

All of this comes at the cost of a significantly higher price tag, almost 10,000 dollars higher.

On the other hand, the Ram Warlock compared to all the aforementioned features is outperformed by the Ram Rebel.

However, it can seat more people than the Warlock and it also has a higher payload capacity. And it is significantly cheaper than the Ram Rebel.

Consider all the specifications mentioned in this article carefully before you make your final decision.

More Comparison!

SpecificationRam Warlock TruckRam Rebel Truck
Total Horsepower Produced By The Engine305 hp at 6,400 rpm305 hp at 6,400 rpm
Max Towing Capacity of The Truck10,460lbs.11,500 lbs.
Max Payload Capacity of The Truck1,880 lbs.1,800 lbs.
Dimensions of The Truck229 inches x 79.4 inches x 77.2 inches232.9 inches x 82.1 inches x 77.5 inches
Total Weight of The Truck6,800 lbs.6,900 lbs.
Price of The Truck36,745 dollars46,120 dollars

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding Ram trucks and their answers as well.

What is special about the Ram Warlock?

The Ram Warlock is a very large and imposing vehicle. It is also very tough and sturdy.

What is the difference between a Dodge Rebel and a Dodge Warlock?

The Rebel is only offered in one configuration. It comes with the Crew Cab and the 5’7″ bed. With the Warlock, you will be able to choose the cab you want along with either a 5’7’’ or a 6’4’’ bed.

What is a RAM Warlock package?

The Ram 1500 Classic Warlock package includes bucket seats wrapped in cloth upholstery. You also get a leather-wrapped steering wheel and an auto-dimming rearview mirror.

What makes a Ram 1500 a warlock?

The Ram Warlock comes with heavy-duty rear shocks, a RAM-lettered black grille, unique hood decals, black aluminum semi-gloss 20-inch wheels, tow hooks, powder-coated bumpers, black badging, 1-inch factory lift, and LED rear tail lamps.


When it comes to choosing a good truck for you, you can easily get overwhelmed by all the available options. However, you really can’t go wrong with either a Ram Warlock or a Ram Rebel.

Both of the trucks are powerful, durable, and sturdy. When taken care of properly, both trucks can last for years.

Hopefully, this article on the Ram Warlock and the Ram Rebel gave you all the necessary information you were looking for to purchase the best truck for you.

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