Nuna Rava Vs. Graco Extend2Fit Car Seat: Which One To Pick?

Do you need an additional car seat for your baby? There will be a lot of choices, but recently, this Nuna Rava vs. Graco Extend2fit argument has taken over the internet by storm.

You will see a lot of differences between the options, but the sizing factor is crucial. Nuna Rava is more comprehensive and shorter than a sleek and long Graco Extend2Fit.

Along with the size factor, you get plenty of other differences between these two choices. The differences aren’t that major, so you must dive deep into the article to know about them.

Let’s not waste any moment and jump right into the comparison.

A Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsNuna RavaGraco Extend2Fit
Size and weightWider, shorter, heavierSlender, longer, lighter
Padding and comfortHas better paddingLess padding, less comfortable
Recliner functionWorks smoothlyPretty rough
PriceMore expensiveAffordable

Key Differences Between Nuna Rava And Graco Extend2Fit Car Seat

  • Size And Weight
Nuna Rava Car Seat
Nuna Rava Car Seat

A baby seat’s size and weight are always crucial for any car owner. You have to consider it for your baby and your car space.

You can choose one of these seats based on this factor for sure.

Starting with the Nuna Rava baby seats, I must admit they are far better in seat size. They are wider, so your baby can sit there without trouble.

The only issues are that they can be a bit short, so if you have a taller baby, they may not fit in the seat. This seat is perfect for newborn babies because of its shorter height. However, it’s challenging to move around because of the heavyweight.

On the other hand, you have the Graco extend2fit. It’s a bit slimmer, so the seat may not be appropriate if you have a healthy child. But they are very light and long.

Because of the lighter weight, you can easily move the sit around. And with the extended seat facility, an older or taller child can fit on the seat.

The easiest way to get through that is by considering your baby’s height. For a newborn baby or a short baby, Nuna Rava is good. But if your child is taller and older, Graco extend2fit is a good option for you.

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  • Padding And Comfort

Let’s get one thing straight; you will want a comfortable baby seat because you don’t want your baby feeling uncomfortable while in the car. Most of the comfort comes from the padding of the seats.

With the Nuna Rava baby seat, you get great padding throughout the seat. The padding is comfortable and thick all over the place. It’s consistent, so you don’t need to worry about one particular area.

The only issue is that the padding can feel too much and look bulky. So, spacing becomes a problem with this much padding.

In contrast, Graco Extend2fit is quite disappointing in the padding factor. There isn’t much padding on the car seat. You get good padding only on the top part of the seat.

The other padding throughout the seat is just not comfortable to sit on. Another great thing about this baby seat padding is that it doesn’t make the seat bulky.

So, if you want maximum comfort for your baby, go with Nuna Rava. But if you wish for good spacing with decent comfort and padding, then Graco Extend2Fit might be your option.

  • Recliner Function
Graco Extend2Fit Car Seat
Graco Extend2Fit Car Seat

A recliner function on the baby seat is a noticeable factor for almost anyone.

You don’t want a reclining process with issues on the seat. There is a considerable difference between the two recliners and their functionality.

Right off the bat, Nuna Rava has great recliner functionality.

First, the recliner’s buttons are on the sides of the seat. So you can easily access the buttons to control the recliner function.

The recliner works out smoothly when you press the button and opens up without jitters or stumbles.

As for the Graco Extend2Fit, the reclining function is not that impressive. For starters, the buttons are on the bottom part of the seat. And to make things worse, when you press the button, the seat slams rather than smoothly opens up.

Undoubtedly, the recliner function on Nuna Rava is far superior to Graco Extend2Fit.

  • Price

The price of the two baby seats is an excellent way to decide which one you should get. If all the factors feel like they aren’t helping that much, you can use the pricing as a deciding factor.

For anyone within a budget for a car baby seat, Graco Extend2Fit should be a straightforward pick. It’s three times less costly than Nuna Rava. So, you won’t even have to think twice about this one.

Which One Is The Better Pick For You?

Well, the choice is tricky because there are so many factors to go through. Still, I would pick Nuna Rava as the better pick out of the two options. I would suggest going with Graco Extend2Fit only when you have to save money from the purchase.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is the number 1 safest car seat?

Well, there are several ones, but the safest option you can find is the Britax Marathon ClickTight.

How long can my child use the Nuna Rava?

Your child can use the Nuna Rava baby seat until they are two years a bit older than that.

When should I stop using Nuna Rava?

You can start using the Nuna Rava when your baby weighs 5lbs and stop using it when it is 65lbs.

How long is a Nuna Rava suitable for?

A Nuna Rava baby seat is good for about ten years.


To conclude, this debate concerns what you need for your baby and car. In the battle of Nuna Rava vs. Graco Extend2Fit car seat, I think Nuna Rava is the winner in most factors.

They are far better in performance and comfort. But right when you think about budget, Graco Extend2Fit takes the cake away with that.

Another way to decide is based on your baby. If you have a newborn, Nuna Rava is perfect but if you have an older child, pick Graco Extend2Fit.

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