MVST TREK Vs. SPACE: Battle of Aluminum Carry-On Suitcases

Packing for a trip can be stressful enough without worrying if your luggage is up for the job. Choosing the right suitcase is key to avoiding headaches from damaged belongings or broken wheels while racing to your gate.

When it comes to durable, lightweight carry-on luggage made from aluminum, two brands stand out: MVST TREK and SPACE. But which suitcase reigns supreme?

This comprehensive guide compares the key features, pros, cons, and real-world performance of MVST TREK and SPACE aluminum carry-on luggage. We’ll look at durability, maneuverability, internal organization, design, warranty, and value to name an all-around winner.

Let’s dive in!

A Brief Comparison Table

Material100% aluminumAluminum alloy
Carry-on sizes19″ and 22″20″ and 22″
Weight6.7 – 7.7 lbs7 – 8.5 lbs
WheelsDouble spinnerDouble spinner
TSA lockYesYes
WarrantyLimited lifetimeLimited lifetime
HandlesTop, side, bottomTop, side
Interior organizationStraps, dividerStraps
Price range$200-$330$300-$700

As you can see, MVST TREK and SPACE share some core similarities being made of aluminum, offering carry-on sizes, and having lifetime warranties. But there are also key differences that impact maneuverability, packing flexibility, security, and price. Keep reading as we explore these factors in-depth!

Durability Comparison – Built To Last Frequent Flights

For travelers wanting luggage built to last, aluminum is one of the toughest materials out there. Both MVST TREK and SPACE use aluminum to create ultra durable, scratch-resistant shells for their suitcases. But how they utilize aluminum differs.

  • MVST TREK – 100% Machined Aluminum
MVST TREK Carry-On Suitcase
MVST TREK Carry-On Suitcase

MVST TREK constructs their luggage entirely from sheets of aluminum using specialty machines to shape the metal.

This creates a high-quality, seamless design that’s extremely strong and dent-resistant.

MVST TREK then polishes and anodizes the aluminum through an electrochemical process, making it 3 times harder than untreated metal.

So you get suitcases hand-crafted from durable 100% aluminum engineered to prevent dings and scuffs during travel.

  • SPACE – Aluminum Alloy Shell

SPACE takes an aluminum alloy blended with other metals like magnesium and coats it onto a polycarbonate frame. The resulting shell is lightweight while still being scratch-resistant. But it may not offer the same level of full aluminum protection against major dents and doesn’t have a seamless design. However, SPACE’s use of an alloy helps reduce overall weight.

The Verdict: MVST TREK’s 100% machined aluminum offers superior dent and scratch protection perfect for the frequent flier.

Maneuverability Comparison – Rolls Where You Go

Nothing kills your travel buzz faster than wrestling with unwieldy luggage. The best suitcases seamlessly move where you steer them. So how easy to maneuver are MVST TREK and SPACE’s bags with their spinner wheels and handles?

  • MVST TREK – Smooth and Stable

All MVST TREK suitcases come with dual spinner wheels and a patented molded bottom for effortless 360 degree rolling. The wheels glide like butter even over uneven surfaces, assisted by the bags’ low center of gravity.

The extendable handle also features ergonomic rubber grip and anti-rattle technology for wobble-free control. Top, side, and bottom handles provide carrying options. Overall, MVST TREK rolls stably wherever you lead it.

  • SPACE – Light and Functional

SPACE uses smooth-rolling Japanese spinner wheels to allow multi-directional movement. Combined with the alloy shell, the bags feel lightweight when pushed and pulled. The handle extends to different locked heights for comfort while the side and top handles give you carrying versatility.

Though functional, some users find SPACE’s wheels squeakier and the extendable handle a bit shakier compared to premium brands.

The Verdict: MVST TREK’s patented molded bottom, rubberized handle, and anti-rattle tech allows their bags to glide more smoothly and stably than SPACE.

Interior Organization – Smartly Designed Storage

What good is a durable, portable suitcase if packing and accessing your belongings is a jumbled mess? The interior organization of MVST TREK and SPACE bags plays a big role in convenience.

  • MVST TREK – Customizable Like Origami

Inside every MVST TREK suitcase is a flexible divider panel that creates two packing compartments however you arrange it. Customize the divider to hold clothes, shoes, toiletries – you name it.

The interior also features two adjustable tie-down straps to secure belongings in place. This origami-style of packing organization accommodates many packing strategies.

  • SPACE – Simple and Neat

SPACE keeps it streamlined with one built-in divider partition and two hold-down straps inside their carry-ons. This creates a main compartment and smaller accessory section for simple organization. Some extra pockets and pouches would be nice for added storage options.

But the SPACE interior gets the job done for basic organization.

The Verdict: MVST TREK’s fully customizable origami divider system wins for creative storage flexibility.

Design Comparison of MVST TREK And SPACE

While durability and mobility are essential, the design details give a suitcase its character. Do MVST TREK and SPACE carry-ons combine form and function into stylish aluminum shells?

  • MVST TREK – Sleek and Seamless

You can tell MVST TREK puts care into the finer details. The 100% machined aluminum results in a strikingly sleek, seamless body. Users love the modern and luxurious look.

All hardware feels sturdy and streamlined with recessed airplane-grade aluminum handles, zippers, and locks. The shell’s metallic sheen dazzles without coming across gaudy. MVST TREK makes functional aluminum chic.

  • SPACE – Retro with Flair
MVST SPACE Carry-On Suitcase

SPACE opts for a retro look with their bold colored stripes and prominent logo.

You’ll definitely spot this suitcase coming down the conveyor belt!

The alloy shell has visible seams and riveting along with leather zipper pulls for a vintage travel vibe.

The colors make SPACE suitcases fun compared to MVST TREK’s refined elegance.

But some users don’t love the retro styling.

The Verdict: For sophisticated aluminum style, MVST TREK wins for their dazzling, seamless designs. But SPACE takes the cake for funky retro personality.

Warranty – Sign of Quality and Service

No matter how durable a suitcase, problems like broken handles or wheels can arise during travel. A strong warranty proves a company stands behind its product quality and service. How do MVST TREK and SPACE compare?

  • MVST TREK – Bulletproof Limited Lifetime Warranty

You can feel confident with MVST TREK’s limited lifetime warranty on all their carry-on luggage covering repairs or replacement. Their thorough warranty covers defects and damage from airline handling meaning they have your back if anything happens to your suitcase.

 Users praise the simple and fast warranty claim process. MVST TREK even covers shipping costs. The lifetime warranty proves excellent product quality.

  • SPACE – Vague Limited Lifetime Warranty

SPACE also offers a limited lifetime warranty. But reviews reveal inconsistencies in their warranties with unclear coverage terms, tricky approval process, and customers paying for shipping.

Users warn to read the fine print carefully and lower expectations. SPACE makes up for their underwhelming warranty with a 100 day trial period.

The Verdict: MVST TREK’s lifetime warranty blows SPACE’s out of the water for air-tight coverage and service.

Value – Worth the Investment?

With aluminum carry-on prices ranging from $200-$700 between MVST TREK and SPACE, cost plays a key factor. Which brand gives you more bang for your buck?

  • MVST TREK – Premium Quality at Lower Cost
MVST Trek Aluminum Suitcase
MVST Trek Aluminum Suitcase

For hand-crafted 100% aluminum luggage made in the USA, MVST TREK’s $200-$330 price tags on their carry-ons feel like a steal compared to major brands.

The state-of-the-art materials, warranty, and performance justify the investment for a lifetime travel companion.

You pay primarily for quality, not branding.

Even better, MVST TREK’s prices often drop during sales letting you snag deals.

Overall, you get durable luxury at affordable prices.

  • SPACE – Stylish But Overpriced

SPACE charges a premium ranging from $300-$700 for their carry-ons made overseas in China. While their designs win points for retro styling, the performance doesn’t seem to warrant the massive price tag. You’re likely paying for the bold branding.

And with an iffy warranty, SPACE bags seem overpriced for what you get compared to MVST TREK and other brands. Sales help but can still be pricey. Overall, their value feels lower priced brands offer better quality.

The Verdict: MVST TREK gives you more value for the money over SPACE’s style markup.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between MVST trek and space?

The key differences between MVST TREK and SPACE luggage are:
1. Materials: MVST TREK uses 100% machined aluminum while SPACE uses an aluminum alloy shell over a polycarbonate frame.
2. Construction: MVST TREK has a seamless design while SPACE has visible seams and rivets.
3. Price: MVST TREK bags cost $200-$330 while comparable SPACE bags are $300-$700
4. Warranty: MVST TREK offers a lifetime warranty that clearly covers damage. SPACE warranty terms are vague.
5. Design: MVST TREK has a sleek, modern style while SPACE has a colorful retro look.
6. Maneuverability: MVST TREK spinner wheels and handle are higher quality for smoother rolling.
7. Interior: MVST TREK bags feature more customizable organization.

What are MVST luggage made of?

MVST TREK luggage is constructed completely from sheets of aluminum metal that are CNC machined into shape. This creates a durable, 100% aluminum shell that is then polished and anodized for added scratch resistance. MVST TREK carry-ons contain no plastic or polymer – just high-quality aluminum.

Is aluminum carry on worth it?

Aluminum carry-on luggage is worth the investment for travelers wanting an extremely durable and lightweight suitcase. The metal is resistant to major dents, scratches, and weathering from frequent trips. Brands like MVST TREK offer quality aluminum luggage without the premium price tag of bigger brands.

Do aluminum suitcases scratch easily?

Quality aluminum luggage is engineered to resist scratches and scuffs. MVST TREK uses an anodized finish to make their aluminum shells 3 times harder than untreated metal. This prevents superficial scratching from airport conveyor belts, overhead bins, etc. However, aluminum can still show signs of wear over time with very rough handling. But it holds up much better than plastic shells.

The Winner – MVST TREK

After comparing durability, maneuverability, interior organization, design, warranty, and value across these aluminum carry-on brands, MVST TREK emerges as the clear overall winner for travelers wanting an ideal balance of quality, function, and form.

MVST TREK outperformed SPACE nearly point-for-point with their 100% machined aluminum shell, patented seamless design, smooth spinner wheels, customizable interior, and rare warranty. While SPACE loses points for their heavier retro styling, overpricing, and vague warranty coverage.

If you seek premium durable, lightweight luggage without the premium price tag, MVST TREK provides amazing quality and value. Sure, SPACE wins if bold colors and funky retro vibes are your jam.

But for a blend of strength, maneuverability, and sleek style in a carry-on, you can’t go wrong with MVST TREK!

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