LakeMaster PLUS Southeast V3 Vs. V5: In-depth Comparison

LakeMaster Plus Southeast V3 and V5 are mapping software products for waterways explorers. However, LakeMaster Plus Southeast V5 includes updated mapping data and advanced navigational features.

Both Lakemaster Plus Southeast V3 and V5 are famous among anglers and boaters for their superior service. If you are passionate about exploring the waterways, then the two products will entice you.

Here is a quick comparison chart highlighting the key specifications of LakeMaster Plus V3 and V5.

Quick Comparison Table

Specifications LakeMaster Plus V3LakeMaster Plus V5
Mapping System Traditional Mapping SystemUpdated Mapping System
GPS System Short Coverage GPS SystemWide Coverage GPS System
Mapping LayersLimited Mapping LayersExpanded Mapping Layers
Aerial ImagesNo Aerial Image High-Resolution Aerial Image
Range 350 Lakes and Waterways 380 Lakes and Waterways

Key Differences Between LakeMaster PLUS Southeast V3 And V5

You got a brief idea about the specifications of LakeMaster Plus Southeast V3 and V5. It’s time to discuss the key features of the two products. 

  • Mapping System 
LakeMaster PLUS Southeast V3

Since LakeMaster Plus Southeast V3 and V5 are designed for waterway explorers, the mapping system is integral to the devices. 

LakeMaster Plus Southeast V5 has a more advanced and updated mapping system than Lakemaster V3.

The updated mapping system of LakeMaster Plus V5 shows data regarding water change, contour lines, and accurate navigation. 

Moreover, LakeMaster Plus Southeast V5 will give you regular updates on the vegetation and bottom hardness mapping. 

Meanwhile, LakeMaster Plus Southeast V3 features a traditional mapping system that includes water depth contours and navigation aids. 

Unlike V5, Lakemaster V3 doesn’t provide any other additional benefits regarding the mapping system. Therefore, LakeMaster Plus Southeast V5 will be the best option because of its unique mapping system. 

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  • GPS System and Coverage 

After the mapping system, GPS settings and coverage play a crucial role in LakeMaster Plus Southeast V3 and V5. 

LakeMaster Plus Southeast V5 dominates this segment with some excellent GPS tracking systems. The device has a wide range of GPS coverage and will give you accurate navigation data. 

In addition, LakeMaster V5 provides select Garmin and Lowrance units, as well as Humminbird units that ease your navigation process. 

LakeMaster Plus Southeast V3 also offers a quality GPS tracking system, including Humminbird GPS and fishfinder units. Moreover, it allows you to send your live location in case of safety or emergency. 

Overall, Lakemaster Plus Southeast V5 exceeds the expectation regarding GPS. Hence, you should purchase V5 for a smooth and better navigation process. 

  • Aerial Images 

Another beautiful feature of LakeMaster Plus Southeast V5 is its aerial image quality. Using LakeMaster Plus V5, you can capture high-resolution aerial images with detailed views of shoreline structures and docks. 

Moreover, if you are into photography, the aerial image feature of Lakemaster V5 will help you capture some vivid photos of the waterway. 

On the other hand, LakeMaster Plus V3 features a standard satellite image system that fails to give high-resolution images. You can only get satellite images of the waterways by using LakeMaster V3. 

Therefore, if you prefer to capture every moment of your experience, you should go for LakeMaster Plus V5. 

  • Device Range 

You need the best LakeMaster Plus device that provides a wide range and coverage. LakeMaster V5 tops the chart in this segment as well. 

LakeMaster Plus Southeast V5 covers 380 lakes and waterways in the southeastern United States of America. Meanwhile, LakeMaster V3 covers almost 350 lakes and waterways. 

Therefore, if you prefer a navigation device with a broader range and coverage, you should go for LakeMaster Plus Southeast V5. 

  • Special Features 

The final prospect of this discussion is the special and unique features of LakeMaster Plus Southeast V3 and V5.

LakeMaster PLUS Southeast V5

Regarding some fantastic features, LakeMaster Plus Southeast V5 leads the race against LakeMaster Plus V3. 

The notable features of LakeMaster Plus V5 include expanded mapping layers, access to the online user community, updated data and tips, and custom map sharing. 

The expanded mapping layers will help you to detect shallow water highlights, depth highlights, and water-level offset.

You will get detailed information about the water condition and topology. 

Moreover, LakeMaster Plus V5 allows you to create and share custom maps, waypoints, and routes. You can also import and export data from other devices and software programs. 

In the case of LakeMaster Plus V3, the device has unique features like an online user community, data sharing, and additional resources. 

However, the features of LakeMaster V3 fall short in front of LakeMaster V5 and fail to cope with the user’s expectations. 

Which Mapping System Is Better For You?

LakeMaster Plus Southeast V5 dominates every segment of this discussion against LakeMaster Plus V3. 

Combining an updated mapping system, high-resolution aerial images, expanded mapping layers, and exceptional GPS tracking makes LakeMaster Plus Southeast V5 unique. 

You will get regular updates on the water bodies and topologies by using LakeMaster Plus Southeast V5. Additionally, the mapping layers will notify you about every detail of the waterways. 

LakeMaster Plus Southeast V5 also has excellent coverage and range. The device can cover 380 lakes and waterways in the Southeast United States. 

Overall, LakeMaster Plus Southeast V5 ticks all the boxes to be the best navigational device for your waterway experience. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the latest version of LakeMaster Southeast?

The LakeMaster Southeast States V5 is the latest version of LakeMaster Southeast. 

What is the difference between LakeMaster and LakeMaster PLUS cards?

LakeMaster PLUS cards feature an aerial image system, which is absent in LakeMaster. 

What lakes are in LakeMaster PLUS Southeast?

Dale Hollow, Green River, Martin, and Watts Barr are notable lakes in LakeMaster PLUS Southeast. 

What is the latest version of LakeMaster plus Wisconsin?

The Humminbird LakeMaster Wisconsin Edition is the latest version of LakeMaster plus Wisconsin. 


Clearly, LakeMaster Plus Southeast V5 triumphed over V3. The combination of exceptional features and superior service makes LakeMaster Plus V5 unique. 

Moreover, LakeMaster Plus Southeast V5 is highly durable and contains robust materials. Overall, the product will give you a hassle-free and smooth navigational experience.

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