Cutpile Vs. Essex Carpet Reviews (2024): Differences Explained

Trust us on this, car carpets matter more than you would think. Cutpile and Essex are the two most popular carpet types when it comes to modern carpeting.

Cutpile has a lower yearn count, is thinner and less soft, easier to maintain, and is more affordable. Essex has a higher yarn count, is thicker and softer, harder to maintain, and is pricier.

You won’t really have fun driving if your car interior isn’t comfortable. Cutpile and Essex are both popular carpet types, but which one should you go for? Here is a comparison to help you out.

A Quick Summary of the Comparison

FeatureCutpile CarpetsEssex Carpets
Build and color rangeLower yarn count, lighter, has lots of color optionsHigher yarn count, heavier, color options can be fewer
Thickness and textureThinner and less softThicker and softer
MaintenanceEasier to maintainLess easy to maintain
PriceMore affordableLess affordable

And that’s the gist of the whole thing. Keep reading below for the detailed breakdown.

Key Differences Between Cutpile And Essex Carpets

Let’s be honest, both carpets do well in their jobs. Most people don’t even realize there are differences (except the price tag). But there definitely are differences and that’s what makes both types stand out.

Build and color range, thickness and texture, maintenance, and price are the major differences between both carpets.

Let’s see how these differences work out for both Cutpile and Essex carpets.

  • Build And Color Range

Yes, carpet builds differ between types too. Cutpile carpets have a lower yarn count and they’re the lighter option. They also have a pretty big color range.

Cutpile Carpet
Cutpile Carpet

Essex carpets have a higher yarn count and feel heavier. The color range is usually smaller than Cutpile carpets.

Yarn count is what tells you how comfortable your carpets are going to be.

Cutpile carpets are pretty much the standard and they work with 14oz nylon yarns.

They’re also the lighter option among the two.

The best part of Cutpile carpets is the color range.

Since they’re pretty much the industry standard, you can get them in almost any color you want.

Essex carpets on the other hand work with 22.5oz nylon yarn.

As you can see, the yarn count is much higher for them. This makes Essex carpets heavier than Cutpile versions. If you’re looking for light options, this may not be for you.

Usually, manufacturers offer Essex carpets in every color they have their Cutpile carpets in. But that only happens when the color range is small.

In most cases, essex carpets aren’t available outside of the common color options. This is more evident if you’re getting your carpets from bigger brands.

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  • Thickness And Texture

This is the biggest difference between Cutpile and Essex carpets. Cutpile carpets are thinner and feel less soft to the touch. Essex carpets are thicker and feel softer to the touch.

Carpet thickness depends on the yarn count and of course, the tufts. Cutpile carpets usually work with 14oz nylon yarns which are converted to 1/8 gauge tufts.

That’s not to say Cutpile carpets will feel rough to you. They’ll feel soft, but not the softest.

Since the yarn count is lower and the tuft density is low too, the thickness of these Cutpile carpets falls on the lower side. They’re the thinner option between the two types. This is why Cutpile carpets also feel lighter.

Essex carpets work with a higher yarn count and increased tuft density. The 22.5oz yarn count for Essex carpets is converted into 1/10 gauge density. This means your carpet will have more tuft density. That’s why Essex carpets feel softer to the touch.

This is also the reason Essex carpets are thicker and heavier. The tuft density and higher yarn count aside, Essex carpets are usually cut into longer tufts. So the thickness increases and so does the weight.

Essex carpets are also better at absorbing things because of this. They already absorb sound more, if you go with mass backing then you almost eliminate it all.

  • Maintenance

This is more of an afterthought to most people so they don’t really think much about it. Cutpile carpets take less work to maintain in the long run. Essex carpets take more work to keep them on top level.

Maintenance means a lot of things when it comes to car carpets. Cleaning, dust buildup, installation- everything falls under this. New carpets are one thing, but things add up in the long run.

Essex Carpet
Essex Carpet

Cutpile carpets are clear winners in this department.

This thin option makes it easier to clean in pretty much every way.

And since they’re thinner, they also have less dust buildup.

Whatever buildup you see, you can make quick work of it. The lighter weight means it will need less work for installation.

Essex carpets on the other hand are pretty much opposites.

The tufts on them are much thicker so cleaning can get a bit tough. That doesn’t mean you’ll see cobwebs on your carpet though.

But when it comes to dust buildup, it can be a little worse than Cutpile carpets.

And the longer tufts mean you’ll have to work more to clean the buildup. As for installation, it isn’t going to be hard, to be honest. But you’ll definitely feel the weight more when you’re putting them down.

  • Price

This is pretty much the most visible difference between Cutpile and Essex carpets. Cutpile is more on the affordable side of the spectrum. Essex on the other hand is on the pricier side.

Why the price differs between the two types is a whole different topic. But for solid reasons, Cutpile carpets have a more affordable price tag on them. Essex carpets on the other hand are more expensive and premium.

Which Carpet Should You Go For?

Well, that depends. Both carpets are good and will make your driving experience better. They’re also made from high-quality material if you get them from the right source.

Since they’re both pretty much the same, it is hard to reach for one single answer.

If you’re looking for something lightweight, Cutpile carpet is the best. They’re easy to maintain and have a huge color range.

They’re also more affordable. The only problem is, they may not be the softest option you’ll see.

If you don’t mind the extra few bucks, Essex carpets are pretty hard to beat. They’re soft, thick, and plushy.

You’ll have the most comfortable experience with Essex carpets. They can take a little more work to maintain but it is worth it.

Overall, Essex carpets are the better option in this case. But if you want something lightweight or affordable, Cutpile carpets are solid options.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between Cutpile and Essex?

Cutpile is thinner, less soft, and more affordable. Essex carpets are thicker, softer, and pricier.

What are the advantages of cut pile carpet?

Cutpile carpets have lots of color options and are very easy to maintain. They also take less work to install.

What does Essex mean by carpet?

Essex is a thick, high-tuft-density carpet. It is the softest carpet option for your car.

What is Cutpile carpet?

Cutpile is a thin, less soft, and widely available carpet. They’re also more affordable and have a pretty big color range.

What is the difference between cut pile carpet and loop pile carpet?

Cutpile carpet tufts are upright and straight. Loop pile carpet tufts are looped to go back into the carpet.

Final Verdict

Cutpile and Essex both are pretty comfortable options for your car. But the Cutpile and Essex carpet debate winner will still depend on your preference.

Objectively, Essex carpets are the better option. but if you want something lightweight or affordable, Cutpile is as good as it gets.

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