AHP Vs. Primeweld Welding Machines (2024): Which One To Pick?

Both brands of welding machines are quite popular. But I can see many people comparing the AHP TIG 225XI and Primeweld TIG 225X AC DC TIG machines and still not reaching any conclusion. The machines have many similarities, but they also have some major differences.

The AHP model is cheaper but a little less portable than the Primeweld model.

However, Primeweld is an expensive machine with $50 more bucks. Also, the Primeweld is quite popular but doesn’t come with a good paddle. The AHP machine requires its Torch needs to be improved.

The Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsAHP TIG 225XIPrimeweld TIG225X AC/DC TIG
Brand’s RecognitionAlpha has been here for a while and was highly discussed after this model releasedHighly reputable brand name and known for its great services
Price ComparisonBit cheaper modelBit expensive model
Look and ConstructionHeavy-duty machine designed for TIG welding purposesExcellent machine with more durable construction
What’s Bad To Find?A lot of customers have complaints about the TorchA lot of customers have complaints about the paddle
Welding Output225A AC/DC TIG welder (240V)120 volts: 20-140 amps 240 volts: 20-225 amps
Welding optionsTig Welding Stick WeldingTIG welding Arc Welding
Warranty3 years parts and labor warranty3 Years returnable warranty
Pulse frequency range5-200Hz (AC or DC)Low Level 0.5 to 10 Hz High Level 10 to 200 Hz
PortabilityA Bit LowerA Bit Higher

Key Differences Between AHP And Primeweld Welding Machines

  • Brand Recognition
AHP AlphaTIG Welder

When you compare both brands, you’ll always find the Primeweld a most ancient one.

They have a vast range of MIG welders, TIG welders, and other heavy-duty welding machines.

They are quite popular in the market for their remarkable services and extraordinary product manufacturing.

It means you are buying a brand when you spend a bunch of bucks on a product or, say, a welding machine from Primeweld.

It is not like spending massive money on anything mere or less.

In contrast, the AHP is also familiar to most individual welders, who have been using their machines for quite a long time.

But it is not as popular as the Primeweld is. Still, AHP strives hard to make the best products while keeping costs minimum.

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  • Price Comparison

One of the significant differences you’d find between the discussed models from these welding machine brands is their prices.

Yes, even a $1 price change makes a difference. Here, when you look at the AHP welding machine, it comes to around $750. But the Primeweld goes for more than $850. For the budget geeks, the AHP has a better solution to their TIG welding problems.

But even if you are agreed to spend more bucks on this Primeweld model, you’ll still be playing on the right side.

  • Look and Construction

Most customers have no bad words for the construction and how these machines look. It is because both are exceptionally great and built to last.

Their usage period is quite long, and some claim their older Primeweld and AHP machines last more than 10 years.

Therefore, whether you consider AHP or Primeweld, you don’t need to worry about the durability and look at any of their welding machine models.

  • What’s Bad To Find?
PrimeWeld Welder

Like every other product, these machines do have their cones.

I’ve seen many people complaining more about one of the most prominent issues from either brand model.

Like, in the case of Primeweld 225 XI, the machine’s paddle has been an issue for many people.

They said they had to buy an extra paddle to smooth working with the machine.

The one that comes with the machine is not entirely helpful in completing jobs early.

On the other hand, AHP has a problem with its Torch. However, if you’d spend some money buying either of these replacements, the paddle will always cost less than the Torch. So, sooner or later, you’d have to make this replacement.

  • Welding Output

Comparing both welding machines on their performance, both do a great job of TIG welding.

You won’t find any difference in their output voltages because both weld with the power of 225 volts output. Such power is quite a handful in completing the standard and mild welding jobs.

  • Welding options

Both machines provide you with the TIG and Arc welding options. Therefore, you are most welcome whether you want to perform Stick Welding or TIG welding.

  • Warranty

Both brands offer you a remarkable warranty of three years with exceptional customer service.

If you look at the AHP machines, they’re offering you three years of parts and a labor-free replacement warranty.

Compared to that, when you look at the Primeweld machine, they’re pretty good at accepting their machine back within three years.

  • Pulse Frequency Range

That’s the speed these machines work with. There is no difference between the Pulse Frequency of either TIG welder from Primeweld and AHP welding machines. Both operate at the same frequency range.

  • Portability:

Welding is not one place job sometimes if you accept contracts and deal with the bigger stuff. That’s why you must have a portable machine to perform the best welding at all distances.

In that case, the AHP is more portable than the Primeweld machine. However, that’s only a difference of a few pounds.

Which Welding Machine Is Better?

Between the AHP and Primeweld machine models we have discussed here, Primeweld holds a more outstanding position.

However, you might have to spend a few more bucks purchasing the machine and replacing the paddle. But it is much better than buying an AHP machine at fewer bucks and then spending massive money on replacing its Torch. So, decide wisely.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where are AHP welders made?

The AHP welders are made in China!

Where are PrimeWeld welders made?

The Primeweld Welders are made in the United States!


Based on the comparisons, both are great models for performing TIG or Arc welding jobs. However, when you need to decide between the AHP and Primeweld, I think Primeweld will have all the attention.

But hear me out; if you like the cheaper option as AHP, you are still playing on the safe side.

But United States people do love their home country-made products. And since the Primeweld is quite famous, it still has a win-win position over AHP welders.

That’s alright because you can choose any welding machine from these brands.

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