Hello Bello Vs. Millie Moon Diaper: An In-Depth Comparison

When it comes to choosing between diaper brands for your little one, parents want to make the best decision. Two popular options are Hello Bello and Millie Moon. But which diaper is right for your baby?

This comprehensive guide will compare the key features, pros and cons of Hello Bello and Millie Moon to help you decide.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureHello BelloMillie Moon
PriceStarts at $0.25/diaperStarts at $0.27/diaper
AbsorbencyUltra absorbentUltra absorbent
SizesNewborn to size 6Newborn to size 6
Special FeaturesPlant-basedSoft, flexible bamboo
Eco-FriendlinessPlant-based materials, partnership with Trees.orgBamboo materials, carbon neutral shipping
AvailabilityOnline, select storesOnline only

Diaper Materials Comparison: Bamboo Vs. Plant-Based

Hello Bello Diaper

One of the biggest differences between Hello Bello and Millie Moon is the actual diaper materials used. So let’s do a deeper dive on how plant-based cores compare to bamboo fibers.

Hello Bello’s Plant-Based Cores

Hello Bello’s diaper cores contain plant-derived materials like:

  • FSC certified fluff pulp from sustainable forests
  • Super absorbent polymer crystals made from plant sugars
  • Plant-based leak barriers and outer lining

Benefits of plant-based cores:

  • Renewable and biodegradable materials
  • Effective moisture absorption and containment
  • More affordable pricing than bamboo
  • Soft feel but not as silky as bamboo

Millie Moon’s Bamboo Fibers

Millie Moon uses bamboo viscose fiber containing:

  • Viscose from bamboo cellulose
  • Polymer absorbers
  • Outer TPU lining

Benefits of bamboo viscose:

  • Hypoallergenic and antimicrobial properties
  • Ultra soft, silky feel against skin
  • Highly absorbent and moisture-wicking
  • Flexible and stretchy for comfy fit
  • Naturally breathable and temperature regulating

Downsides of bamboo:

  • More expensive than plant-based materials
  • Takes longer to fully dry out

So in summary, Hello Bello’s plant-based cores absorb well but can feel more “plastic-y” while bamboo offers superior softness. However, bamboo costs more and takes longer to dry. Consider your priorities in terms of feel, absorbency, eco-friendliness, and budget.

Absorbency Comparison

Now let’s compare how absorbent Hello Bello and Millie Moon diapers are:

Hello Bello Absorbency

  • Features an “ultra” absorbent core
  • Quickly pulls moisture away from skin
  • Plant-based polymers trap liquid to prevent leaks
  • Works well for heavy wetters and overnight

Millie Moon Absorbency

Millie moon luxury diaper
  • 12-16 layers of bamboo fibers
  • Ultra absorbent polymers for moisture locking
  • Stretchy bamboo contains messes well
  • Works great overnight with no leaks

Absorption Bottom Line

While both brands offer stellar absorbency, Hello Bello seems ideal for very heavy wetters given their ultra absorbent cores.

But Millie Moon’s leak protection is still excellent.

For most babies, both will sufficiently contain messes.

Sizing and Fit Comparison

Let’s also look at the sizing and fit of these two diaper brands:

Hello Bello Sizing

  • Goes from size Newborn to size 6
  • Fits babies from 0 lbs to 35 lbs
  • Run large, especially newborn size for smaller babies

Millie Moon Sizing

  • Goes from size Newborn to size 5
  • Fits babies from 0 lbs to 33 lbs
  • Run small, so some babies outgrow early

Fit Takeaway

If you have a very small or premature newborn, Hello Bello’s larger sizing may fit better initially. But some babies outgrow Millie Moon early given their smaller size range. Check measurements when choosing sizes.

Pricing and Affordability

Pricing is another key difference between these brands:

Hello Bello Pricing

  • Starts at just $0.25 per diaper when you buy bulk packs
  • Offers subscribe and save discounts for scheduled deliveries
  • Budget-friendly pricing, especially for an eco brand

Millie Moon Pricing

  • Around $0.27 per diaper across all pack sizes
  • No subscription discounts available
  • More expensive than Hello Bello but typical for a premium diaper

Pricing Bottom Line

If you want the lowest cost natural diaper, Hello Bello is the budget-friendly choice. But Millie Moon’s pricing is reasonable for its luxe materials.

Availability and Convenience

You also need to consider where you can buy these diaper brands:

Hello Bello Diaper

Where to Buy Hello Bello

  • Online via their website
  • Amazon subscribe and save
  • Select BuyBuyBaby and Walmart stores
  • Can setup recurring delivery subscriptions

Where to Buy Millie Moon

  • Only available online direct from their website
  • No Amazon or stores selling this brand
  • No subscription options for regular delivery

Availability Summary

Hello Bello wins for convenience since it can be purchased in some retail stores. Millie Moon must be ordered online so you can’t test out their feel and absorbency in person first.

Design and Print Styles

Here’s a brief look at the designs and prints you’ll find with these brands:

Hello Bello Designs

  • Vibrant colors and fun patterns like polka dots, plaids, stripes
  • Cute nature themes like frogs, foxes, deer and woodland creatures
  • Whimsical unicorn, rainbow, butterfly and fairy prints

Millie Moon Designs

  • Neutral solids and earth tones like peach, grey, natural bamboo
  • Simple nature-inspired designs like leaves, branches or mountains
  • Chic minimalist vibe with some floral accents

Style Takeaway

Hello Bello offers playful, gender-neutral prints across all sizes. Millie Moon has sophisticated earth tones suitable for any nursery style.

Additional Factors To Consider

A few other things to think about when choosing between these diaper brands:

Target's Millie Moon Diaper
  • Where are you in the diaper buying journey? If this is your first baby, you may want to try out a few brands to find your favorite fit. Hello Bello’s availability and budget pricing makes it easy to test out.
  • How sensitive is your baby’s skin? If your little one struggles with diaper rashes or irritation, the hypoallergenic and soothing properties of Millie Moon’s bamboo may be worth the investment.
  • Do you need special newborn sizing? Hello Bello’s newborn size runs bigger for larger or premature babies. Millie Moon runs smaller so order up a size if needed.
  • Does convenience matter to you? Hello Bello wins for convenience given its availability in stores. Millie Moon must be ordered online.
  • How frequently do you want to purchase diapers? Hello Bello offers great discounts for subscription deliveries. Millie Moon does not have subscriptions at this time.

Summary of Key Differences

To recap, here are the main differences between Hello Bello and Millie Moon:

  • Materials: Hello Bello uses plant-based cores while Millie Moon uses bamboo fibers
  • Price: Hello Bello starts at $0.25/diaper, Millie Moon is $0.27+/diaper
  • Availability: Hello Bello is sold online and in select stores, Millie Moon is online only
  • Sizing range: Hello Bello goes up to size 6, Millie Moon stops at size 5
  • Feel: Hello Bello can feel more plastic-y, Millie Moon feels silky soft
  • Absorption: Both are highly absorbent, Hello Bello best for very heavy wetters
  • Subscriptions: Hello Bello offers discounts for regular delivery, Millie Moon does not

Overview of Hello Bello and Millie Moon

Hello Bello and Millie Moon are two popular eco-friendly diaper brands that use plant-based and bamboo materials instead of traditional plastics.

Hello Bello was founded in 2018 by celebrity couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard. Their goal was to provide natural diapers and wipes at an affordable price. Hello Bello diapers feature an ultra absorbent plant-based core with cute designs.

Millie Moon is a boutique diaper brand launched in 2020 that uses super soft bamboo viscose fiber. Their diapers have stretchy side panels and minimalist prints. Millie Moon emphasizes luxury softness and top-notch leak protection.

While both use natural absorbent materials, there are some key differences between these brands in terms of pricing, availability, sizing, and features. We’ll explore those in-depth in this guide!

Detailed Feature Comparison

Let’s start by looking at how the main features of Hello Bello and Millie Moon diapers compare:

Diaper Materials

  • Hello Bello uses plant-based cores made of sustainably sourced fluff pulp and polymer crystals. The leak barriers and outer lining are also plant-derived.
  • Millie Moon uses bamboo viscose fiber for its super soft feel. This renewable material comes from sustainably harvested bamboo trees.


  • Both brands feature multi-layer absorbent cores designed to quickly pull wetness away from baby’s skin.
  • Hello Bello has an “ultra” absorbent core to prevent leaks even for heavy wetters.
  • Millie Moon’s stretchy bamboo material and 12-16 absorbent layers contain messes exceptionally well.

Sizes Available

  • Hello Bello offers sizes Newborn, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 to fit babies from 0-35 lbs.
  • Millie Moon’s size range goes from Newborn to size 5, fitting babies 0-33 lbs.

Price per Diaper

  • Hello Bello diapers start at just $0.25 each when you buy in bulk.
  • Millie Moon diapers cost around $0.27 per diaper across all pack sizes.

Special Features

  • Hello Bello partners with Trees.org, planting one tree for every pack sold.
  • Millie Moon uses carbon neutral shipping and plant-based compostable packaging.
  • Hello Bello has colorful patterns and cute designs.
  • Millie Moon features chic earth tone patterns and minimalist prints.


  • Hello Bello is sold on their website, Amazon, and in some Target/Walmart stores.
  • Millie Moon is only available for online order directly through their website.

Ideal For

  • Hello Bello works well for families who prioritize affordability and convenience.
  • Millie Moon is perfect for those seeking super soft bamboo fibers and premium feel.

Now that we’ve directly compared the key features side-by-side, let’s dive deeper into the pros and cons of each brand.

Hello Bello Diaper Pros and Cons

Hello Bello aims to provide adorable, effective diapers at budget-friendly pricing. Here are some of the main pros and cons to consider with Hello Bello diapers:


  • Affordable price point at just $0.25/diaper, great for families on a budget
  • Ultra absorbent plant-based core pulls wetness away and prevents leaks
  • Fun prints and designs like polka dots, stripes, woodland creatures and more
  • Partners with Trees.org to plant tree for every pack purchased
  • Renewable materials like plant-fluff pulp and polymer crystals
  • Available at select stores like Target and Walmart for convenience
  • Generous sizing goes up to size 6 to fit older babies

Potential Cons

  • Limited absorbency customization (no options for heavy vs. light wetters)
  • May run large on smaller newborns so not ideal for preemies
  • Can’t test out feel of materials before buying online
  • Some parents don’t like the plastic-like liner material against baby’s skin
  • Not as soft as a premium brand like Millie Moon

Millie Moon Diaper Pros and Cons

Millie Moon uses ultra-soft bamboo fibers and sleek minimalist designs. Here are the main pros and cons for Millie Moon diapers:


Millie Moon Diaper
  • Silky soft bamboo material is gentle on newborn skin
  • Great absorbency with 12-16 layers of bamboo fibers
  • Flexible fit moves with baby thanks to stretchy bamboo
  • Chic earth tone designs for the modern nursery
  • Ships carbon neutral and uses plant-based packaging
  • Good for sensitive skin since bamboo is hypoallergenic
  • Ideal overnight for 10-12 hours of leak protection

Potential Cons

  • Only available online so can’t test out feel before buying
  • Runs small so some babies outgrow them early
  • Limited size range from newborn to size 5 only
  • Takes longer to dry compared to cotton materials
  • Pricey at around $0.27 per diaper
  • Minimal absorbency customization (no options for heavy or light wetters)

As you can see, both brands have excellent benefits but also some downsides to weigh when making your choice.

Key Similarities and Differences

Now that we’ve explored the pros and cons of each brand, let’s summarize the main similarities and differences between Hello Bello and Millie Moon:


  • Use natural, eco-friendly materials (plant-based and bamboo fibers)
  • Feature multi-layer absorbent cores that contain messes well
  • Offer budget-friendly pricing, especially compared to mainstream brands
  • Available in cute prints and designs (though different styles)
  • Lack absorbency level customization for light vs. heavy wetters
  • Sold online direct to consumer

Key Differences

  • Hello Bello uses a plant-based core while Millie Moon uses bamboo
  • Millie Moon is more expensive per diaper than budget-friendly Hello Bello
  • Hello Bello can be purchased in select stores, Millie Moon is online only
  • Millie Moon’s size range only goes up to size 5, while Hello Bello offers sizes up to 6
  • Hello Bello’s materials may feel more “plastic-like” while Millie Moon feels ultra soft
  • Hello Bello has sign-up discounts but Millie Moon does not offer subscriptions

As you can see, there are some clear distinctions between these two natural diaper brands in terms of materials, pricing, availability, and features. Keep these similarities and differences in mind when deciding between the two!

Making Your Final Decision

When it comes down to deciding between Hello Bello and Millie Moon diapers, here are some final tips:

  • Order sample packs of both when possible to test out absorbency, fit, and feel firsthand before committing.
  • Consider your baby’s size, stage, and sensitivities. A premature newborn or one prone to rashes may benefit from each brand’s unique features.
  • Think about how often you want to buy. Hello Bello subscriptions provide savings but aren’t required.
  • Reflect on your diapering priorities – softness, eco-materials, leakage protection, cute designs – and pick the brand that aligns closest.
  • Don’t stress about finding the “perfect” diaper right away. You may need to try a few options before discovering your favorite.

While Hello Bello and Millie Moon share similarities like absorbent eco-materials, they differ in pricing, feel, and availability. Look at your baby’s needs and your own preferences to decide which is the best fit for your family!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Still have some questions about Hello Bello and Millie Moon diapers? Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

What is the absorbency difference between Hello Bello and Millie Moon?

Both brands offer excellent absorbency with multi-layer plant and bamboo cores. However, Hello Bello seems ideal for very heavy wetters given their ultra absorbent plant-based polymers. But most babies will stay dry and comfortable in either diaper.

Which brand is softer against baby’s skin?

Millie Moon is known for its ultra soft and silky lightweight bamboo material. Hello Bello’s plant-based core can feel more plastic-like. So Millie Moon wins for the softest feel.

Which one is more eco-friendly?

They both use renewable natural materials like bamboo and plant-based components. However, Millie Moon’s carbon neutral shipping and plastic-free packaging gives them a slight edge for eco-friendliness. But you can feel good choosing either brand.

Is Millie Moon worth the higher price?

For many parents, the luxuriously soft bamboo and great absorption is worth the higher price of Millie Moon. But cost-conscious families feel Hello Bello provides an affordable natural option. Check your budget and priorities to decide if it’s worth it for you.

What if I can’t decide between the two brands?

It’s hard to go wrong with either of these natural diapers! Try ordering a small pack of both to get firsthand experience with absorbency, fit, softness, and ease of use. Testing them out on your baby will make the best choice obvious.

The Final Verdict

While both Hello Bello and Millie Moon are excellent natural diaper brands, Millie Moon seems to provide the softest feel that babies and parents love thanks to its ultra-silky bamboo material. But Hello Bello wins when it comes to affordability and accessibility.

Here is a quick final brand snapshot:

Go with Hello Bello if you want: an affordable plant-based diaper available in stores

Go with Millie Moon if you want: a premium super soft bamboo diaper

No matter which eco-friendly brand you choose, you can have peace of mind that your baby will be comfortable, dry, and happy in a natural diaper that’s gentle on their delicate skin.

While the absorbency, softness, and leak protection of Hello Bello and Millie Moon diapers are unparalleled, some other great natural diaper options include:

  • Andy Pandy bamboo diapers – These are a bit more affordable than Millie Moon if you’re looking for a budget-friendly bamboo pick.
  • The Honest Company plant-based diapers – Comparable in features and pricing to Hello Bello.
  • Earth + Eden diapers – Made of 100% plant-based materials for an eco-friendly choice.
  • Coterie diapers – Crafted with hypoallergenic and organic cotton for ultra-sensitive skin.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match a few brands to find the perfect fit for your baby! And remember to check for sales and discounts when stocking up on your favorite diapers.

No matter which natural diaper you end up choosing, you can check these key signs that it’s working well for your little one:

  • Leak-free for 3-4 hours or overnight
  • Minimal diaper rash
  • Comfortable fit around legs and waist
  • Easy to secure tabs for snug closure
  • Fun colors/prints to make changes more enjoyable

We hope this detailed guide and comparison of Hello Bello vs. Millie Moon diapers helps you select the best natural diaper brand for your baby and family! Let us know if you have any other questions.

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