Abiie Vs. Tripp Trapp High Chair: Which Is Best For Your Baby?

As a parent, buying a high chair for your baby is an important decision. You want something safe, durable, easy to clean, and comfortable for your little one. Two of the most popular high chair brands are Abiie and Stokke with their Tripp Trapp chair.

But which one is right for your family?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare the key features of the Abiie Jonathan and Tripp Trapp high chairs to help you decide which is best for your needs.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureAbiie JonathanStokke Tripp Trapp
Price$219.99 (includes all accessories)$249+ (basic chair only, accessories extra cost)
Adjustability3 recline positions, adjustable footrest (3 positions), adjustable tray depth/angleAdjustable seat and footrest depths
Comfort FeaturesThick padded cushions, lumbar supportErgonomic posture support
Safety5-point harness with audible click buckle5-point harness
CleaningDishwasher safe tray, wipeable cushionsWipeable wood, dishwasher safe accessories
PortabilityRemovable legs for transportStacks neatly to store
StyleContemporary, modern aestheticClassic mid-century Scandinavian design
DurabilitySolid beech wood and steel, up to 250 lbs capacitySolid beech wood, up to 300 lbs capacity

Overview of Abiie Jonathan High Chair

Abiie High Chair
Abiie High Chair

The Abiie Jonathan convertible high chair grows with your child from ages 6 months to adulthood.

It has a modern, streamlined design crafted from eco-friendly beech wood.

Here are some of the Jonathan’s key features:

  • Adjustable: The chair has 3 recline positions and a footrest that adjusts to 3 positions as your child grows. The tray is also adjustable in depth and angle.
  • Easy to clean: The tray is dishwasher safe and the cushions are wipeable. There are no cracks or crevices to trap food.
  • Compact: When folded, the Jonathan measures just 8.5 inches for storage. The legs come off easily for transport.
  • Safety: The chair meets or exceeds JPMA and ASTM safety standards. The 5-point harness keeps kids secure.
  • Long-lasting: Made from durable beech wood and stainless steel, designed to last from infancy through adulthood. Holds up to 250 lbs.

The Abiie Jonathan comes in a variety of color combinations. It gets excellent reviews from parents for quality, ease of cleaning, and adjustability. One downside is the tray only locks in one position.

Overview of Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair

The Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair has an open, minimalist Scandinavian design made from beech wood. It was designed in 1972 and is still popular today.

Here are some standout features:

  • Ergonomic: Promotes proper posture and positioning with its ladder-style design. Footrest and seat depths are independently adjustable.
  • Long lasting: Crafted from solid wood, it holds up to 300 lbs so your child can use it through adulthood.
  • Versatile: Works with Stokke’s range of infant accessories like a baby set, tray, and cushions. The basic chair alone accommodates ages 6 months and up.
  • Easy to clean: Made from non-porous wood that wipes clean quickly. No tough crevices.
  • Compact: When not in use, the Tripp Trapp can be stacked neatly out of the way.

The iconic Tripp Trapp chair is available in a range of color choices. It’s a splurge investment piece starting around $249 for the basic chair alone.

Key Differences Between Abiie And Tripp Trapp High Chairs

Tripp Trapp High Chairs
Tripp Trapp High Chairs

Now that we’ve covered the key features and benefits of the Abiie Jonathan and Stokke Tripp Trapp chairs, let’s compare them in detail across some important factors.

  • Adjustability and Features

Both of these popular high chair models grow with your child, but there are some differences in their adjustability and features.

The Abiie Jonathan offers 3 recline positions, while the Tripp Trapp does not recline. The Jonathan’s footrest is adjustable to 3 positions compared to the Tripp Trapp’s independently adjustable seat and footrest depths.

The Jonathan has a removable tray that adjusts in angle and depth. The Tripp Trapp does not come with a tray, but Stokke does offer a plastic tray or cushioned baby set as accessories for an added cost. The Tripp Trapp tray only locks in one position.

Both chairs have a 5-point harness to keep your child secure. The Abiie harness straps are padded while the Tripp Trapp’s are unpadded.

For portability, the Jonathan’s legs remove easily while the Tripp Trapp stacks neatly but its legs do not come off.

One unique Tripp Trapp feature is its ability to accommodate two children at once with the right accessories.

So when it comes to flexibility, the Abiie Jonathan offers more adjustable features out of the box. The Tripp Trapp sets itself apart with its ergonomic, adaptable design but requires more accessories for full functionality.

  • Ease of Cleaning

Given frequent messes during mealtimes, an easy-to-clean high chair is essential.

The Jonathan’s sleek wood design has few cracks for food to get trapped. The plastic tray is top-rack dishwasher safe, as are the tray cover and seat back cushion. The leatherette seat cushion is wipeable.

Likewise, the Tripp Trapp chair is crafted from smooth beech wood that’s simple to wipe clean. There are no cloth covers or hidden crevices. The plastic tray and cushions are dishwasher safe too.

So when it comes to cleaning, both of these wooden chairs are very easy to maintain. The lack of fabric makes them effortless to wipe down and sanitize.

  • Comfort and Ergonomics

Since high chairs are where babies and toddlers spend a good chunk of time, comfort is key.

Abiie Beyond Junior Y Chair
Abiie Beyond Junior Y Chair

The Abiie Jonathan offers thick foam cushions and a 3-position recline option for comfort.

The footrest, seat depth, and lumbar support all adjust to properly position your growing child.

The Tripp Trapp’s minimalist sleek wood design focuses heavily on ergonomics.

The independent seat and footrest settings allow you to adjust the angles to match your child’s height.

This customization provides ideal back and leg positioning. However, some parents find the chair’s hard wood less cozy.

So the Jonathan likely offers more immediate softness for babies, while the Tripp Trapp promotes better long-term posture as kids grow. Additional cushions can make the Tripp Trapp more comfortable for infants.

  • Safety

Safety should be the number one priority in choosing any baby gear.

Fortunately, both the Abiie Jonathan and Stokke Tripp Trapp meet or exceed all JPMA and ASTM safety standards.

The Jonathan features a 5-point padded harness to keep wiggly toddlers secure. Parents love that the buckle clicks audibly into place for added peace of mind.

The Tripp Trapp also includes a 5-point harness, but reviewers note it can be tricky to tighten properly. Some parents opt to use the Stokke harness cover for extra safety and comfort.

Based on consumer feedback, the Abiie’s straps and buckle system seem easier to use and adjust for safe and escape-proof restraint. So the Jonathan gets a slight advantage for safety.

  • Durability and Longevity

A well-made high chair should last for years, even as your child grows into a big kid and adult.

The Abiie Jonathan and Stokke Tripp Trapp both earn high marks for durability, with their solid wood construction made to support up to 250-300 pounds.

The Jonathan’s components like the buckle, straps, and footrest are durable but the cushion covers may be more prone to wear over time. However, the cushions are replaceable.

The Tripp Trapp’s simplistic wood design should offer outstanding longevity. All parts are replaceable if needed, and you can buy higher weight capacity accessories as your child grows.

In terms of durability, both options are built to last through years of use. The Tripp Trapp likely has a longer lifespan thanks to its minimal, all-wood construction.

  • Style and Design

Let’s face it – in many households, high chairs are a big eyesore. Matching your nursery or dining room style may factor into your purchase.

The Abiie Jonathan has a sleek, contemporary design in gender-neutral colors like white, natural wood, gray, and black. Its streamlined silhouette works in modern homes.

The iconic Stokke Tripp Trapp makes a true design statement with its classic Scandinavian style. The open frame and natural wood finish offer a minimalist, organic look. Range of colors from neutrals to brights.

So when it comes to style, the Jonathan offers versatile, modern appeal. But the Tripp Trapp is arguably the more stylish showpiece.

  • Price
Tripp Trapp High Chair
Tripp Trapp High Chair

A final consideration is the cost difference between these two popular high chairs.

The Abiie Jonathan retails for $219.99.

This includes the seat, tray, cushions, and accessories right out of the box.

The Stokke Tripp Trapp starts at a higher price point, around $249 for just the basic chair.

Accessories like the baby set, tray, and cushions will cost over $100+ more.

So the Abiie Jonathan offers more value upfront, with everything you need included.

The Tripp Trapp requires more additional purchases, so costs can quickly climb higher.

Which High Chair Is Best For You?

The Abiie Jonathan and Stokke Tripp Trapp both offer excellent quality, longevity, safety, and ease of use. Which one is right for your family comes down to a few key factors:

Best for Baby Comfort and Convenience: Abiie Jonathan

  • More recline options and padded cushions for babies.
  • Adjustable footrest and tray come included.
  • Easy to use 5-point harness and buckle.

Best for Design and Ergonomics: Stokke Tripp Trapp

  • Stylish, iconic mid-century modern design.
  • Promotes upright posture and positioning as kids grow.
  • Endlessly customizable with accessories.

Best Budget Buy: Abiie Jonathan

  • More affordable price includes all accessories.
  • Replaceable parts make it cost-effective long-term.

Best Splurge: Stokke Tripp Trapp

  • Timeless investment piece that lasts for generations.
  • Higher quality comes at a higher price point.

No matter which high chair you choose, look for key safety certifications, ease of cleaning, and flexibility to grow with your child. An adjustable, durable high chair that your baby loves and fits your lifestyle is the best investment.

Closing Remarks

The Abiie Jonathan and Stokke Tripp Trapp are both excellent high chair options made from durable beech wood. The major differences come down to initial cost, comfort features, adjustability, and style.

The Abiie offers more padding for babies, a higher weight capacity, and costs less upfront including accessories. The Stokke has superior ergonomics, a timeless mid-century design, and endless accessory customization.

Ultimately, the Abiie Jonathan is best for parents focused on comfort, convenience, and budget value. The Stokke Tripp Trapp is ideal for design-conscious families seeking an adjustable chair that truly grows from infant to adult. Either option is built to last for years to come.

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